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Bonsai Focus Repotting Mix

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Bonsai Focus Repotting Mix


Get healthy rooting Bonsai trees - use Bonsai Focus Repotting Mix. It’s 100% peat free

The open texture promotes healthy rooting, to get the best out of a range of bonsai trees.

  • Coco/coir
  • Composted fine bark
  • Grit
  • Sand

For best results, use with a quality feed like Bonsai Focus



Young bonsai trees need repotting every year. Older and slower growing bonsai’s only need to be repotted when they’re outgrowing their pot, or if the condition of the media is poor. The best time to repot is early in the year, just before spring growth starts. However, you can also repot at any time in summer. 

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