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RAW Potassium

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From £8.64


Plants need lots of Potassium (K) in a matter of days during fruiting and flowering. The inability to meet this demand can cause deficiencies. 

Boost potassium levels with RAW Potassium. Doing this helps plants bloom to their full potential

It contains 50% Potash in water-soluble form, derived from potassium sulfate. 

It’s ideal for correcting deficiencies and formulating a custom feed

  • 50% Potash
  • Water soluble
  • Maximum control, custom feeds
  • Treat Potassium deficiencies
  • NPK: 0-0-50

How To Use

Dilution: 0.5g (Grow), 0.95g - 1.9g (Veg) per 4 Litres

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