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Chilli & Pepper Focus

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Chilli & Pepper Focus


  • Get a heavy harvest when growing chilli plants
  • Loaded with the 14 essential elements required for healthy vigorous growth
  • Inclusion of seaweed & humic acid boost long term soil fertility
  • The added magnesium & sulphur enhance growth
  • A simple 1 part feed that's fantastic for beginners
  • NPK: 3.0 - 1.0 - 4.4
  • Dilution: 5ml/L (grow), 10ml/L (bloom)

Heat-loving chilli-head with a passion for plants? Make sure you get a heavy harvest by using Chilli Focus!

This simple to use 1-part feed is perfect for beginner chilli growers - you just change the dilution rate when switching between the grow and bloom phases to achieve amazing results!

A specialist formula, Chilli Focus contains all of the 14 essential elements for healthy vigorous growth.

There's seaweed and humic acid to enhance nutrition and long term soil fertility, plus added magnesium and sulphur to kickstart plant development.

As a result, the product creates strong and bushy plants that are capable of delivering huge yields.

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