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FishPlant Retro-Fit Grow Bed Unit Aquaponic System

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From £159.99

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Raise fish and grow plants together using an established pond with a Fish Plant Retro-Fit Grow Bed Unit. 

Doing this means that you can start producing more demanding plants sooner, rather than waiting for the biolife in your fish tank or pond to establish first.

You can raise edible fish or ornamental fish, the choice is yours.

You’ll get a steady supply of nutritionally-rich and organic fruits and vegetables all year round - no herbicides, no pesticides and no plant growth regulators. And you get the freshest fish - even crayfish if you want.

What's Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is where you combine:

  • Aquaculture (raising fish)
  • Hydroponics (growing plants)

You don’t feed plants directly. Instead, you feed fish and beneficial microbes convert fish waste to usable plant nutrients

You basically create a sustainable ecosystem. It’s an incredible way to grow. Get it right, and results are unrivalled. 

The symbiotic relationship between plants, fish and biolife powers plants in a way that you simply can’t artificially recreate. Biodiversity is incredible. Nutrients are readily available. Roots are protected from pathogens. Overall, you get plants that taste better, grow better and are healthier.

Kit Contains:

You get everything needed to set up your system & colonise it with bacteria.  

  • Plant Bed
  • Inlet / drain fitting
  • Overflow fitting
  • Clay pebbles
  • Pump

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