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FishPlant PlantBed Clay Pebbles

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FishPlant PlantBed Clay Pebbles


These cleaned clay pebbles are the ones you get with your FishPlant Family System & FishPlant Production System

Clay pebbles are ideal in these aquaponics systems (and most hydro systems) because they’re free draining and hold onto lots of air. 

This means then when you flood & drain your Plant Bed with water from your Fish Tank:

  • Water drains back to your tank freely (no overfeeding plants)
  • As water drains, oxygen is pulled back into your root zone for root health
  • You pull oxygen into your Fish Tank with each drain; fish need it to breathe


It really is the best media to help sustain your ecosystem, benefiting both fish and plants. 


  • Cleaned clay pebbles
  • 50L bag
  • 8mm - 20mm in size
  • Free draining
  • Hold lots of air

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