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FishPlant Fish Care Kit

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FishPlant Fish Care Kit

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Closely monitor the water quality in your aquaponics system with this kit. 


You get tests for:

  • pH (pH tends to drift)

    The correct pH for pond fish is 7 - 8. If the pH levels are too low or too high it can irritate and even burn a fish’s skin. If it becomes very low/high, the fish can die.

  • KH

    measures the buffering capacity of the water in the pond. A KH of between 6 and 8°dH means that the pond is more able to maintain a stable pH value, rather than fluctuating.

  • Ammonia

    Ammonia is very toxic to fish. It can reduce a fish’s immune system, leaving them vulnerable to disease. It also damages the sensitive membrane involved in respiration. If ammonia levels become too high, the fish can die. Ideally, you want to see no ammonia in your pond when you test for it.


  • Nitrate (essential for protein synthesis)

    High levels of nitrite can reduce a fish’s immune system, making it more likely than the fish will become sick. Beneficial bacteria in the grow bed/filter will convert nitrite into nitrate, but if there isn’t enough beneficial bacteria, nitrite levels can become too high. Again, if the levels become too high the fish might die. 

It’s critical that you closely monitor these levels, especially in a new system. It’s quick and easy to carry out tests with the dropper bottles and colour charts. 

We highly recommend using the kit with a FishPlant Family Unit and FishPlant Production Unit

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