XLR BudBox Pro Grow Tent

XLR BudBox Pro Grow Tent

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120cm x 120cm x 180cm (XLR BudBox Pro Grow Tent)

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Grow in a loft or attic with ease - the BudBox XLR is here!

Its sloped roof matches the shape of your ceiling. 

  • 120cm x 120cm x 180cm (L x W x H)
  • For 1 x 400W - 600W lights
  • Space for a 4 pot growing system

You’re looking at a premium BudBox build with this tent. Your poles won’t bend, buckle or snap - we did pull-ups from one! 

It’s 100% lightproof and comes with strong door clips and high-grade zips!

  • 2 x front doors, 2 x side doors
  • 4 x 100mm cable socks
  • 2 x 225mm intake vents
  • 2 x 225mm air-cooled light socks
  • 1 x irrigation ports
  • 1 x viewing window, 2 x mesh windows

Easy Access

It's easy to get yourself & equipment in and you can position equipment where you want - there are so many layout options.

Frame-free Central Space

There are no obstucting frames to take up space, get in the way, or prevent you fitting your growing system in.

Supports at least 50kg

With the tough steel poles and corner pieces, it's no surprise - the poles won't bend and the frame won't give!

20% Bigger Ventilation Ports

It's easy to feed your ducting through - all entry ports have drawstrings that you can tighten around ducting too.

Heavy Duty SBS zips

Forget the velcro - these bad boys have heavy duty clips and zips that won't jam up. 

Waterproof Tent

The inner lining is waterproof, the floor's all one piece and tents have a water catchment tray.

Easy to Assemble with No Tools

Just 'push and click' your frame into place.

BudBox corners BudBox corners
Steel corners and poles that won't bend or snap


Military grade zips Military grade zips
Military grade zips


Frame Free Central Space Frame Free Central Space
Frame-free central space - no obstructions
Ground Level Irrigation Ports Ground Level Irrigation Ports
Ground-level irrigation port so you can store your tank outside


Side Inspection Doors Side Inspection Doors
Side inspection doors


Green inspection panel Green inspection panel
Green viewing window to stop light seeping in or out

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