Mammoth Elite HC600L Grow Tent (600cm x 300cm x 240cm)

Mammoth Elite HC600L Grow Tent (600cm x 300cm x 240cm)
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This one's on display in Coleshill & Wembley - it's coming soon to Dudley! 

It took just 40 minutes to set up in Coleshill!

Invest in the best - a towering 240cm high tent!

To get EVEN BIGGER, you can zip tents together - they're endlessly expandable

This tent accommodates 1000 Watt lights! To maximise light, each tent has a light reflection rating of 95%!

They’re the ideal height to give you the optimum level of light while removing heat problems

These monsters are armed with jam proof and waterproof zippers, a sturdy steel frame and a thick, durable cover.  

Even zipped together they Will Not Leak - they're completely water tight. 

• Sky-scraping 240cm high!
 Your shape, your size - zip tents together
 Accommodates high intensity 1000w lights
 Ideal for advanced light installations
 Incredibly reflective silver Mylar inner (light reflection rating of 95%)
• Jam proof and waterproof zippers
• Waterproof - will not leak
 Sturdy steel frame
• Thick, durable cover
 Large door - easy access
 Dimensions - 600cm (L) x 300cm (D) x 240cm (H)

 Invest in the most professional tent on the market today… in larger premises they’re the only option. 

Kit Contains


Kit Contains

34 x Green Pole poles
12 x Blue Poles
4 x Red Poles
17 x Straight Connectors
8 x 3-Way Corners
32 x Equipment Hanger Ends
16 x 3-Way T Pieces
6 x 4-Way Joins
3 x 5-Way Joins
3 x Support Pole Foots

How to Use

How to Use

2 person installation is recommended. They're easy to set up - in our Coleshill store we did it in just an hour! Step 1 • Lay out base ensuring Velcro flap is in front right corner • Assemble floor poles, 3-way corners and 3-way T pieces Step 2 • Insert lower wall poles into 3-way corners and 3-way T pieces • Fit straight connectors • Insert upper wall poles into straight connectors • Fit 3-way corners, 3-way T pieces and 4-way joins on top Step 3 • Insert ceiling poles into 3-way corners, 3-way T pieces, 4-way joins and 5-way joins • Fit equipment hanger ends to poles. Position equipment hangers as required • Fit support poles into 5-way joins at the top and support pole feet at the bottom Step 4 • Fit roof ensuring Velcro flap is in front right corner Step 5 • Connect wall panel zip to the roof and base zips (under Velcro flaps). Step 6 • Zip the wall panel to the roof and base

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