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Super Lumen Beam LED 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Complete Kit

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From £794.95


The 600W Super Lumen Beam LED Grow Light commands respect! It utilises Nanolux technology (big in the US) to produce an impressive 2.7μmol per Watt and includes lots of smart features like the digital control screen for altering your desired output level and the RJ45 input for hooking up an external 0-10V controller.  

We’ve put together a number of complete tent kits based around this stellar product, offering you a choice of grow tent and extraction system to go alongside hanging accessories (chain and s-hooks) and a lighting timer contactor.

With this kit, you get:

  • 1 x Super Lumen Beam LED Grow Light - 600W
  • 1 x XL Grow Tent
  • 1 x 125mm extraction kit (fan + power cable + ducting + filter + duct clips)
  • 1 x 5m Chain
  • 5 x ‘S’ Hooks
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Timer
  • You can upgrade your kit to include a fan controller 

Super Lumen Beam LED Grow Light

You get a 600W Super Lumen Beam LED light.

Super Lumen Beam LED Grow LightSuper Lumen Beam LED Grow Light

Super Lumen Beam LED Grow Light

Ultra-high intensity and impressive energy efficiency are the key factors underpinning the Super Lumen Beam 600W LED! It ranks right up there with the big boys on the stats that matter, posting an eye-blindingly bright 2.7μmol/W and 1700 PPF. Furthermore, you’ll also be treated to some neat features not universally found elsewhere, such as the smart LED bar protection function and digital control screen handily positioned on the side of the fixture.

  • Super smart, super reliable 600W LED powered by Nanolux Technology
  • Incredible efficiency at 2.7μmol/W and a total output of 1700 PPF
  • Clever LED bar protection function isolates a failure should one ever occur
  • Digital control screen and buttons handily located on the side of the unit
  • Foldable, lightweight design aids transportation and storage
  • Dimming options include 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W & 600W
  • Random and soft start options help prolong the life of the product
  • Over-temperature and over-voltage features also protect the fixture 
  • Rated IP65 waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 115cm x 3cm (L x W x H)
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty 

Tent Option

You get a BAY6 or BudBox 1.2m x 1.2m Grow Tent. The size and shape are perfect for 1 x 600W Super Lumen Beam LED Grow Light.

BAY6 XL TentBAY6 XL Tent

BAY6 XL Tent

  • Silver interior: 95% reflective silver mylar
  • Strong frame: metal poles + plastic corners
  • Easy access: multiple draw string ports
  • Bargain: decent build for low cost
BudBox Pro XLBudBox Pro XL

BudBox Pro XL Tent

  • White interior: reflective + even temperature
  • Steel frame & corners:  supports 50Kg 
  • Lightproof canvas: with a tight weave and light baffles
  • Heavy Duty Zips & door clips: no velcro on doors 
  • Extra access: 20% larger ports + more doors, ports & socks

Extraction Option

The difference between each kit is the fan and filter.

Please note: when selecting the RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit option, you will receive a mixed-flow fan and a carbon filter from the listed suppliers or alternative suppliers - for the latter, we guarantee the quality of the products.

RVK / CarboAir Extraction Kit

You get a reliable, long-life RVK fan and a carefully selected, matching CarboAir 50 carbon filter.

Moves 220m3 per hour 

  • 1 x RVK125A1 Extractor Fan 
  • 1 x 5m IEC Cable
  • 1 x CarboAir 50 125/330 Carbon Filter
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting
  • 1 x Duct Clip
  • 1 x Fast Clamp
RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction KitRAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit

RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit

You don't need to wire your fan - it's plug & play. You can also flip between two speed settings. 

Moves 248m3 or 284m3 per hour

  • 1 x 125mm RAM Mixed-Flow Fan  
  • Power cable inc with fan
  • 1 x BAY6 Carbon Filter (125/300)
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting
  • 3 x Duct Clips

Controller Option

Slow or speed up fans to control your grow temperature – grab a Fan Speed Controller.

Variispeed Fan Speed ControllerVariispeed Fan Speed Controller


  • Manually adjust fan speeds
  • Simple controls (large dial)
  • Plug & play
Control Freak Single Fan Intelligent ControllerControl Freak Single Fan Intelligent Controller

Control Freak Single

  • Automatically adjust fan speed (3m temp sensor included)
  • 1°C temp changes
  • 50 speed settings

About Super Lumen Beam LED Light

Super Lumen Beam UnderneathSuper Lumen Beam Underneath

Stellar Performance Powered By Nanolux

Grow from start to finish with the Super Lumen Beam 600W LED Grow Light and enjoy a stellar performance all the way through the plant lifecycle thanks to world renowned Nanolux Technology, culminating in incredible yields and tip top crop quality. Rated 2.7μmol/W and 1700 PPF, the fixture operates at the very limit of what your plants can tolerate in a standard grow space (before needing to add supplemental CO2 and more headroom), pushing them to develop at a relentless pace. Keep on top of conditions and the results will be astonishing!          

Super Lumen Beam in BAY6 TentSuper Lumen Beam in BAY6 Tent

Flexible And User-Friendly Design

Whether ordering online or picking up in store, your first interaction with the Super Lumen Beam 600W LED will emphasise the flexible nature of the product because it folds down to make for easier handling, transportation and storage (a lightweight design helps here too).

Once positioned in your room or tent, you’ll see the digital control screen and buttons on the side of the fixture that allow you to adjust and monitor the dimmer setting – with output options including 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W and 600W. 

A closer look at the side of the unit also reveals an RJ45 input, meaning it can be linked up to a suitable 0-10V controller for even more precise management of light levels! 

Super Lumen Beam foldedSuper Lumen Beam folded

Comprehensive Protection For User And Components

Since the grow room represents an ever-evolving and volatile environment, being able to react and adjust to changes in conditions by tweaking how your equipment is setup and operating proves vital. Fortunately, the Super Lumen Beam gives you lots of flexibility!  

When you want to dial down the brightness (e.g. during the earliest stages of plant development), this can be done manually via the dimmer switch on the driver. It has four convenient settings, allowing you to gradually build up the strength of light – 250W, 380W, 500W and 630W.

Although the Beam is short in stature, you are able to detach and mount the driver remotely to make the fixture even lower profile than before for positioning at the very top of your room or tent, thus maximising vertical grow space and providing extra space for the high intensity. If you still find yourself struggling to comfortably accommodate the light, consider purchasing a CarboAir Inline Filter and moving extraction gear outside of the growing area.  

LED Hanging Heights

Rooted Cuttings / Seedlings - 250W, 130-140cm from canopy

20cm tall plant - 250W, 110-120cm from canopy

30-40cm tall plant - 380W, 100-110cm from canopy

50cm tall plant (pre-flower) - 500W, 80-90cm from canopy

60-70cm tall plant (early flower) - 600W, 60-70cm from canopy

Fruiting / Flowering - 600W, 40-50cm from canopy

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