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AW200 BudBox Pro 750W HELLION Defender Kit

AW200 BudBox Pro 750W HELLION Defender Kit

from £2,279.95

AW200 BudBox Pro 750W HELLION Defender Kit

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Run 4 x Adjust-A-Wings Lights in the best tent for them - the BudBox AW Tent. It's 200cm x 300cm x200cm, made specifically to suit the shape and size of an Adjust-A-Wings reflector. 

There’s nothing to work out – you can get an awesome lighting layout for a great price

You Get:

Eco Extraction Kit Eco Extraction Kit

BudBox AW200 Tent (200cm x 300cm x 200cm)

Eco Extraction Kit Eco Extraction Kit

4x 600W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION Defender Light System

Lighting Timer Lighting Timer

1x Exolux Four Light - Timer Contactor



Eco Extraction Kit Eco Extraction Kit

1x RVK250L1 Eco Extraction Kit

Chain Chain

1 x  5m Chain

Rope ratchets Rope ratchets

4 x Rope Ratchets



Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector

It's 92% reflective titanium with white powder coated H18 aluminium. Lower your lampholder and change your wing position to smash growth.

No Bright, Hot Spots Under Lamps

The tent’s interior is white to reflect light evenly and the super spreader stops bright hot spots building under your lamps. You'll get a uniform crop and ultimately bigger yield

Dimmable, Digital HELLION Ballast

To save 3 – 4% running costs + prolong lamp life, you get a dimmable digital ballast.  For accurate colour rendering they run at a super high frequency. Create a complete fixture or run it as a remote ballast. 

20% Bigger Ventilation Ports

It's easy to feed your ducting in - ports are 20% bigger than standard. To keep light out and secure ducting, all have drawstrings for you to tighten.

Solid Build

Your tent has steel frames and corner pieces that will support at least 50lbs. The canvas will not tear and you get heavy duty zips.

100% Lightproof

The green viewing panel keeps natural light out so it can't disturb your lights on/off cycle.

Easy to Assemble with No Tools

Just 'push and click' your frame into place.

Easy Access

It's easy to reach your equipment, your BusBox tent has lots of ports and doors that unzip all the way

  • 2 x front doors, 2 x back doors
  • 4 x 100mm cable port
  • 4 x 275mm extraction vent, 4 x 275mm intake vent
  • 2 x side irrigation ports, 2 x back irrigation ports

Mimic the Seasons to Smash Growth

To trigger the right growth at the right time, use your reflector to mimic spring, summer & autumn.


Adjust-A-Wings Season Adjust-A-Wings Season

When: veg growth, Wings: narrow
Lampholder: low, Distance:45 -60cm

For uniform growth, create warm, even light patterns with a moderate intensity.


Adjust-A-Wings Summer Adjust-A-Wings Summer

When: flowering, Wings: wide
Lampholder: high, Distance:25 - 35cm

Trigger flowering deep into the foliage with high intensity light and summer temperatures.


Adjust-A-Wings Autumn Adjust-A-Wings Autumn

When: maturing Wings: mid
Lampholder: mid Distance:40 - 50cm

Enhance and balance essential oils as plants mature with autumn settings.

Why Use A Super Spreader?

To stop bright, hot spots building under your lamp, a Super Spreader is included.

With one attached, growth is uniform, so you get a nice even canopy and bigger overall yield. You can bring your light much closer to plants without burning or stretching. If you haven't got much headroom, they're a must.

Normal Reflector

Adjust-A-Wings Autumn Adjust-A-Wings Autumn

Adjust-A-Wings + Super Spreader

Adjust-A-Wings Autumn Adjust-A-Wings Autumn

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