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Grow Room Building Accessories

Grow Room Building Accessories

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Grow Tent Building Accessories

Are you building a grow tent in an awkward growing space? Or perhaps even constructing an irregularly shaped custom grow tent? Here at GroWell, we understand the difficulties that can sometimes arise during a DIY grow tent project. That’s why we have developed a fantastic range of grow tent building accessories to help you develop your perfect custom growing environment.

Our super strong plastic frame can be used with reflective sheeting to create a grow tent in any shape or size you can imagine. Velcro helps you create doorways and our ever-present duct tape (a staple of every grow room!) lets you securely attach reflective sheeting to the frame. 

Assembling a DIY grow tent can often be challenging, but with our grow tent building accessories you are able to enjoy a far simpler and stress-free process. 

Looking for more tips and advice on how to build your own grow tent? Speak to one of our experts today for more information about grow tent building accessories by calling 0333 003 22 96.