The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger

The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger

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The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger

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The Nebuliser Foliar Fogger is a powerful grow room tool that increases the efficiency of your foliar applications to near 100% coverage when used correctly. By converting your foliar feed or pest control spray into miniscule particles, the Nebuliser effectively creates a fog that completely envelopes your plants in your chosen foliar application without missing a single nook or cranny. Due to the intense powered atomization of your spraying solution, every surface of your plant and grow room will be covered meaning that for foliar feeds, pest control sprays or even grow room cleaners, there is no better way of ensuring complete coverage. Use in conjunction with any quality foliar feed or pest control spray.

Suitable for large rooms only

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Warning! The Nebuliser is extremely powerful! Do not point it directly at your plants, point it up and above your plants for best results. Suitable for large grow rooms only.

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