Palma Electric Grow Room Heaters

Palma Electric Grow Room Heaters

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Palma 2kw Electric Heater - Digital

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Heat large grow rooms quickly...get a portable 2kW Palma Heater.

They're the quickest, easiest & most precise way of reaching your target night time temperature of 23°C. 

They start & stop heating instantly, you don't have to wait for them to warm up or cool down. And the  digital thermostat is so accurate it's scary, thanks to its super-sensitive probe.  

They’re powerful (2kW output!) but easy on the energy. You'll only need it on for a couple of minutes every half an hour during 'lights off' - they're so cheap to run!

One of these gems will heat your grow room to within 2°C of your target - they're that accurate!

To make life easy, each heater is light & portable. They're easy to use, too. You can control yours using just 2 large dials. It's simple to set your temperature - the digital thermostat can be mounted at eye level!

You'll wonder how you ever got on without yours! 

• Heats instantly! Detects and responds to temperature changes instantly
• Accurate: Stays within 2°C of your target temperature
• Powerful: 2kW output
• 3 functions: 'Heat', 'Air circulation' & 'Off'
• Easy to fit: It’s floor standing with slip-resistant feet
• Easy to move: It’s small & light with carry handles
• Super sensitive thermostat
• Built to last: Splash-proof, stainless steel housing
 Energy-efficient & cheap to run
• Air circulation rate of 163 m3/h
• Meets IPX4 safety standards
• 2 year warranty included
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 280 x 195 x 315mm
• Temperature range : -50oC - 99oC

The Science

For optimum growth, your grow room's temperature needs to be between:

• 24oC and 28oC (during the day/lights on)
• 22oC and 23oC (during the night/lights off)

One of our 2kW Palma Heaters will bring your temperature to within 2°C of your target  - that''s unbelievably accurate.

But how are they so precise?

With some grow room heaters…

You have to wait for your radiator to warm up and cool down. This means that it takes longer to reach your ideal climate.

Worse yet, when your heater turns off, it still heats your grow room beyond your desired temperature because it takes time to cool down.

It's easy to fluctuate outside the optimum range. 

With a Palma Heater….

Your heater begins heating and stops heating instantly.

• You're quicker to respond to climate changes
• You reach your ideal temperature sooner

On top of this, you have :

• A super sensitive digital thermostat that detects changes almost instantly
• A rapid air circulation rate that quickly and evenly distributed across your grow room for even greater accuracy

All of this and you'll only need it to run for a couple of minutes every half hour. 

The Tech

• Device type: Palma 2.0
• Power supply: 230V ~ / 50 - 60 Hz
• Maximum performance: 2015W
• Maximum power consumption: 9.0A
• Control range: 0oC - 85oC (standard), 50oC - 99oC (digital)
• Control tolerance: + 5o
• Functions: Heat, Air Circulation, Off
• Air circulation rate of 163 m3/h
• Protection class: I
• Protection Ttpe: IPX4
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 280 x 195 x 315 mm
• Warranty: 2 years

How to Use

Complete instructions are supplied with your heater.

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