Method Seven Cultivator LED+ Glasses

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Method Seven Cultivator LED+ Glasses

This product is for use with magenta, pink and red spectrum LED grow lights. If you need protective eyewear for full spectrum LED grow lights (from the likes of Telos, Maxibright and Gavita), you need Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses.   


Get 100% UV protection and see colour in your grow room – grab Method Seven Cultivator LED+ Glasses.

They’re designed for an LED room.

They eliminate all harmful UVA & UVB, along with all UVC rays.

Colour balancing is exceptional, thanks to the premium polycarbonate lenses. You’ll be able to see colour, recognise shapes & notice movement.

To prevent distortion, lenses are asymmetrically tuned – allowing eyes to focus and see images clearly. 


  • Premium polycarbonate lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Flash Silver exterior lens coating
  • 100% UV Protection
  • No distortion! Asymmetrical lenses
  • Exceptional colour balancing
  • Rubber nose pad for comfort
  • Microfiber pouch for cleaning & storage included

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