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Top Summer PicksTop Summer Picks
Top Summer PicksTop Summer Picks

Don't let summer stop your crop. Beat the heat with a few simple changes to your set-up.

Grow Lights

Raise your lights, dim your output and place your ballasts outside your tent. If you need to, swap your light or reflector for something cooler.

As a last resort, you can always remove a light. To get the same coverage from your remaining lights, you'll need a LightRail.


Stop hot pockets from forming with air circulator fans. You can even point them at ballasts, chillers or anything else that emits heat.


Prevent plants losing too much water - increase your humidity as temperatures climb.

Nutrient temperature

Keep your nutrient cool - use a Hailea Chiller and Iceline Pipe. To stop your lights warming the feed in pots, cover them with reflective sheeting (silver or white side up).

Always use Silver Bullet Roots, just in case your nutrient temperature does spike. A small dose of this'll prevent Pythium - it kills 99.99% of bacteria, mould & fungus!

Nutrient (harden plants to heat stress)

SHOGUN Base Nutrientscontain SmartZen - an exclusive additive that helps plants cope with heat stress by reducing the rate of transpiration. It also increases chlorophyll content & photosynthesis so plants are more robust.

VitaLink Chill: is another great shout. You use it throughout your grow to build levels of key nutrients needed to tolerate higher levels of heat

Biobizz Leaf Coat: coats plant leaves in a biodegradable latex layer which helps prevent over-transpiration when your temperature climbs.

SHOGUN Sumo Boost: foliar spray with this (2ml/L) to help relieve heat stress. 

SHOGUN Silicon: It strengthens plant walls to lock in water and help them cope with high heats. 


Add CO2 to ensure photosynthesis can continue at a really high rate. This'll increase growth and help plants cope with high heats of up to 29oC - 30oC. The best bit is that high temperatures actually improve CO2 absorption - it's a win all round.