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Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Lighting Timer Contactors

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From £99.95


Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Lighting Timer Contactors let you get to grips with the on/off times of your lighting equipment in a safe and effective manner!

Playing an important yet understated role, these trusted products have been designed to handle large amounts of power and make no fuss about it!  

You can accurately manage multiple lights all at once – setting day and night cycles via the in-built 15-minute segment timer, whilst also conveniently reducing the amount of cabling in your grow room.

The 6 light model will control 6 x 250W lights, 6 x 400W lights, 6 x 600W lights or 4 x 1000W lights – only using 2 plug sockets to do so!

  • Enjoy the convenience of a combined light timer and contactor
  • Safely control multiple lights all at once, only using 2 sockets
  • Utilise switchable sockets for easy appliance isolation
  • Reduce the amount of cables in your grow room
  • Expect a heavy duty design with excellent reliability and a long service life
  • Take a matter of minutes to set up and configure the chosen model
  • Make use of the hanging bracket with keyhole slots for easy wall mounting
  • Rely on rubberised moulded BSI approved hard-wearing plugs
  • Benefit from professional Grasslin panel mount timers
  • Establish on/off times that can be drilled down to 15-minute segments
  • Experience quality IMO relay switching for lower amperage applications
  • Manage 6 x 250W lights, 6 x 400W lights, 6 x 600W lights or 4 x 1000W lights

Why use a timer contactor?

Timer contactors are highly recommended if you want to run multiple lights according to an automated on/off schedule using a single device. They will guard you and your equipment against the risk of electrical surges caused by the failure of an unprotected timer.

How to use a timer contactor

Setting up a timer contactor is so simple anyone can do it! Plug the 2 power cables coming from the contactor into your mains (switched off) and then plug your lights into it. Adjust the timer to establish your on/off times, then switch on the mains.  

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