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Exolux Lighting Timer and Contactors

Exolux Lighting Timer and Contactors

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Exolux Four Light - Timer Contactor

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Exolux Six Light - Timer Contactor

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Professional standard all-in-one timer and contactors designed for multi-light set ups.

  • Protected from the grow room environment in robust metal enclosures
  • Built to British Standard BS EN 60598-1
  • Feature a built-in Grässlin Timer
  • Backed up by a 2-year warranty
  • Power up to 8 lights from only 2 sockets
  • Reduces the amount of cabling on your grow room floor 

Each of our Exolux Lighting Timer Contactors has a different power rating and light switching capability, see below for everything you need to know about these essential grow room devices.

Four Light - Timer Contactor (4kW): 4 x 250W lights or 4 x 400W lights or 4 x 600W lights or 2 x 1000W lights

Six Light - Timer Contactor (4kW): 6 x 250W lights or 6 x 400W lights or 6 x 600W lights or 4 x 1000W lights

Q & A

Questions and Answers (5)

If I use a lighting contractor for lights do I still need to use the hobby ballast
You would still need to use a ballast with a contactor, the contactor will protect the timer when the lamp is turned on.

Written by Martinne | 17 Aug 2013

Can I use a 6 plug contactor through a 2 gang extension lead as the nearest mains plug is too far away to plug directly in to that. Will it be safe to use it that way?
We would not advise running a 6 gang contactor from an extension lead.

Written by IAN | 26 Apr 2013

This may sound a stupid question but I am confused to why the contractors have 2 plugs?
The contactors have 2 plugs to protect the timer. You plug the timer into one plug, this will switch the contactor on at the time you choose, which will then draw power for your light from the second plug, which will avoid damage to the timer.

Written by LS | 6 Jan 2013