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Eco-Technics Light Switching Timer Contactors

Eco-Technics Light Switching Timer Contactors

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Two Light - 2kW Timer Contactor

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Four Light - 3kW Timer Contactor

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Sitting between your timer and ballast(s), these Eco-Technics Contactors ensure that the power loads produced by switching lights on and off don’t cause timer failure.

Each of our contactors has a different power rating and light switching capability, see below for everything you need to know about these essential grow room devices.

Two Light - Timer Contactor (2kW): 2 x 600W lights or 1 x 1000W light

Four Light - Timer Contactor (3kW): 4 x 400W lights or 3 x 600W lights or 2 x 1000W lights

How to Use

A major problem with hydroponic lighting is timer failure. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that household timers are simply not designed to handle the necessary power loads. So what's the solution? One of our contactors! By using your timer to switch a contactor on and off, it in turn switches your lights on and off (comfortably dealing with the power whilst doing so). There is no wiring to do with any of our contactors - you just plug and grow. Manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, these contactors are quality products that will easily stand up to the demands of a busy grow room.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

can i run three 600watt lights on a 4way eco technics contactor
You can run 3 600W lights, or 4 400W lights with the Eco-Technics 4 light contactor.

Written by george | 28 Aug 2013

How do you set this timer?...I cant see where the timer is
The Eco-Technics Light Switching Timer Contactors are designed to be used with a separate timer, they do not have a timer on them.

Written by Michael | 14 Aug 2012

Can this product safely run a 400 watt lamp... and inlet and outlet fans too? Thanks
All of the Eco-Technics Light switching timer contactors will be able to run a 400W light along with your intake & outtake fans. However, we would recommend running your outtake fan on a separate socket, as you need to have it running for at least an hour after your lights go out to prevent problems with condensation in your grow room.

Written by Michael | 4 Aug 2012