Sun System LEC CDM Reflector

Sun System LEC CDM Reflector

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Sun System LEC CDM Reflector

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Sorry folks, due to high demand we're out of stock! We'll get more in stock in September. 

Can't wait that long? Try a CDM Horizon Lighting System instead. Use it alongside an HID light to broaden your spectrum. 


Want to run a CDM as a standalone light? There's only one reflector for the job - this one. 

  • For standalone CDM set ups
  • Ideal in 1m x 1m area
  • 46cm x 46cm x 25cm (L x W x H)

It’s not just any reflector – to get an intense, uniform spread of light, the lamp hangs vertically – parabolic style! Between that and the textured aluminium insert, the light output is phenomenal.

For Standalone CDM's

Most CDM systems are supplemental only. With this one, you can use your CDM as your main lights - no HID's are needed.

Vertical lamp

For an intense spread of light in a 1m x 1m area, the lamp hangs vertically.  

61% more Light

Tests show you get up to 61% more light on target & higher PAR reading by using similar systems with a different reflector.

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