Prima Klima Optomiser Reflector only

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Prima Klima Optomiser Reflector Only (4m IEC connection) Code: 659
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Prima Klima Optomiser Reflector only

Directing as much of the light that is produced by your lamp down towards your plants proves to be vital for ensuring maxium growth rates and yields are achieved, with the reflector you use effectively determining the success of this process. Prima Klima Optomiser reflects 15% more light than a standard Euro model, only costing an additional £15 for the hugely improved performance!

Featuring a super shiny 95% reflective Vega aluminium material similar to that of the Adjust-A-Wing Avenger and an integrated heat sink for drawing hot air away from the lamp, the Optomiser demonstrates that a premium quality product can be tailored for the budget market. Manufactured to the highest of standards in Europe, the reflector is sold flat pack and requires just a few minutes to put together.

Dimensions: 50cm (length) x 40cm (width)

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