Northstar Reflector only

Northstar Reflector only

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Northstar Reflector Only (4m IEC connection)

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Most grow tents are square, or can be split into squares.

Create a uniform, square spread of light with a Hortiline Northstar Reflector - they’re the ideal shape for most grow tents. 

Get ready for an extreme light intensity – the closed edge shape focusses almost all light down to your plants. Very little light is wasted.

You won’t get hot spots, either – your Northstar’s uniform shape reflects light evenly over plants. You’ll get fantastic coverage - light even reaches corners and other awkward areas.

The Northstar’s as reflective as they come, thanks to the 97% reflective vega/MIRO® aluminium surface! These gems are Swiss engineered!

You can forget about heat problems – heat is funnelled out through a hole above the lamp holder – it acts as a chimney. Put your hand above it and you’ll feel the heat escaping!

• Uniform, square footprint
No hot spots - even light spread
• Maximum light intensity – closed edge reflector
97% reflective vega/MIRO® aluminium surface
Excellent heat extraction – through opening above the lamp holder
Fantastic light coverage - even reaches corners!
• Up to 35% reflection increase at corners!
• 4m lead included (to connect to ballast)
• Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 16cm (height)
• Ideal for large, square areas the size of a XL BAY6 Grow Tent

We Recommend

Use in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent
The Northstar reflector is the best one to use in a square 1.2m x 1.2m tent, such as the XL BAY6 Grow Tent.

If using a humidifier
Make sure you use filtered water with your humidifier. Otherwise, mineral deposits will build up on your reflector, which will reduce your reflectivity by up to 10% after 3 months!

Replace your reflector every year
Every 1% loss of reflectivity costs you 0.5% of your yield. To keep your yield consistently high, replace your reflector every year.


The Science

Why the square shape?

Most grow tents or growing areas are square, or can be split into squares. The Northstar’s square footprint is a great fit in most grow tents.

Single light set ups:
Position your Northstar Reflector in the centre of your growing tent

Multiple light set ups:
Divide your area into squares, then position a Hortiline Northstar reflector in the centre of each square.

The square shape is also very uniform, giving you an even spread of light without any hot spots. It was Swiss engineered to do just that! 

Is heat a problem?

In short, no. 

With most closed end reflectors, heat is a big issue. Because they create such an intense focus of light, more heat builds up.

With Northstar reflectors, this isn’t an issue. They have an opening above the lamp holder – heat is funnelled away from your plants through it. If you hold your hand above this opening, you’ll actually feel the heat escaping.

When should you replace?

Every 1% loss of reflectivity results in a yield loss of around 0.5%.

Over time, all reflectors naturally become duller. This is because the heat from your grow lamp causes reflector surfaces to oxidise. Dust and debris builds up on your reflector surfaces, too, which also contributes to a loss of reflectivity.

We recommend replacing your reflectors at least once a year.


How to Use

Positioning your reflectors

Hortiline Northstar Reflectors are perfect for square tents.

Position one reflector in the middle of a square tent

Split your tent into squares, then position a reflector in the middle of each square.

Cleaning your reflectors

Clean reflectors never work as well as new ones, but if you do want to clean yours:

• Never touch the reflective material with your bare hand
• Do not polish the reflector
• Never use detergents

Instead, clean your reflector with a dry soft cloth. Some vinegar might help remove some calcium spots – just make sure you rinse with distilled water after using vinegar.


To maximise your reflector’s life, always use filtered water with a humidifier. This’ll prevent mineral deposits found in unfiltered water from collecting on your reflector surfaces.


Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

Will this reflector fit any hps lamp think the one I'm getting has an e40 fitting
The Northstar reflector is supplied with an E40 Lampholder which is suitable for any HPS or Metal Halide lamp up to 600W.

Written by T | 10 Apr 2017

Does this come with a connection lead for a ballast?
The Northstar reflector comes with a 4 metre lead to connect to your ballast.

Written by TB | 20 Jun 2013