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Maxibright Horizon CDM Connect Reflector

Maxibright Horizon CDM Connect Reflector

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Maxibright Horizon CDM Connect Reflector

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Run your CDM light as a complete fixture with Maxibright Horizon Connect Reflector. 

It's like the Maxibright Horizon model - only this one connects directly to your 315W Daylight Ballast.

This way, your ballast is much closer to your lamp, reducing radio interference

  • CDM Reflector (attaches directly to your ballast)
  • Wide angled (ideal in 2.4m x 1.2m area)
  • No heat build ups (open design for air cooling)

Compact - 26cm x 25cm x 11cm (L x W x H)

You can easily retrofit it between two HID lights. 

Connects directly to ballast

You can run your light as a complete fixture, with hardly any space between your ballast and lamp. This minimises radio interference

Fight heat build ups

The reflector is mega compact so it won't trap heat when slotted between two HID lights. he reflector’s open design also creates a cooling air current around lamps.

Wide, Uniform Coverage

You get a wide beam angle of 2.4m x 1.2m.

High PAR Output

You get a high PAR output over a wider area

Built in CDM lampholder

You can screw your CDM lamps straight in!

Lighting Layout

The reflector covers an area of 1.2m x 2.4m. It's perfect as a supplementary light in an XXL tent. 

CDM Lighting Layout 1 CDM Lighting Layout 1
CDM Lighting Layout 1 CDM Lighting Layout 1

How it Works

The Horizon has a double layered, open design to fight heat problems, create a wider beam angle and improve PAR output!

A cooling air stream passes through the two panels, removing heat as it goes!

Horizon CDM Reflector Horizon CDM Reflector

Your reflector emits light from more angles, thanks to the double layer design.

Horizon CDM Reflector Horizon CDM Reflector

More PAR light emitted over a wider area, compared to standard CDM reflectors. 

Maxibright PAR output Maxibright PAR output

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