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Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflector only

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Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflector only (IEC connection) Code: 7305
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Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Super Spreader Code: 548
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Get your light footprint spot on, whatever your reflector height with an Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer.

It’s made from reflective hammertone.

It’s easy to alter your beam angle - there are 3 wing positions so can narrow or widen your reflector to suit your height and stage of growth. You can also lower your lamp holder.

Overall, you can cover an area of up 1.5m x 1m - perfect for 400W to 600W grow lights.

• Narrow or widen your light footprint (3 wing positions)
• Raise or lower lamp holder
• Bring light much closer to plants
• Cover an area of 1.5m x 1m
• Made from hammertone
• Dimensions: 70cm x 55cm (W x L) at widest setting
• Optional add on: 'Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Super Spreader'


To fight hot spots and prevent plant stretching, buy an 'Adjust-A-Wings EnforcerSuper Spreader' add on. It improves your spread of light & heat even more - light even reaches corners.

With this attached, you can bring your light closer to plants without burning them, without plants stretching.

Suspend the reflector from your ceiling or grow tent roof using Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets or Ezi-Roll Light Hangers - but chain will do.
'S' Hooks and Ceiling Hook Plates are also needed.

For best results, aim to keep a consistent 1.5m wide spread of light.

To do this, adjust your lampholder and reflector wings as you raise or lower lights to keep your footprint the same.

When starting vegetative growth:

• Narrow your beam angle
• Position your reflector high in the grow room.
• Position the lampholder quite far away from the reflector
• If there are any shadows, adjust the lampholder position.

As the plants become stronger and bigger:

• Bring your reflector closer to plants
• Widen your beam angle as you bring lights closer to plants
• This maintains the 1.5m spread
• Make sure you change the lampholder position at each adjustment

To prevent hot spots forming:

• When your reflector’s really close to the plant canopy, bring your lamp closer to your reflector.
• This artificially creates a shadow (Super Spreader attached) in the centre of your light spread.
• Light in this area is then reduced, to prevent stretching.
• You get an even canopy for maximum productivity across your crop.

In the final stages of growth:

• Create an artificial autumn for your plants by slowly moving the reflector away from the canopy again
• Narrow the beam angle as the reflector rises
• Adjust the lampholder to create an even spread once more


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