150mm (6 inch) Cool Shade Reflector only

150mm (6 inch) Cool Shade Reflector only

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150mm (6 inch) Cool Shade reflector only (IEC connection)

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A larger size of the best selling Cool Shade reflector, the larger flow capacity offered by the 150mm (6") diameter allows use with a 150mm (6") Extractor fan for additional cooling. This allows use of this reflector with 1000 Watt lamps as well as increasing the number of reflectors that can be run in series from the same extractor fan. An additional clip on reflector is also supplied with the Cool Shade which improves your spread of light and reduces any light wastage. Multiple Cool Shades can be mounted in series along the same length of 150mm Combi Flexible Ducting although we would recommend a maximum of three shades when using an RVK150A1 Extractor Fan.

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