Heat Shield Super Spreader

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Heat Shield Super Spreader

Prevent stretching at fight hot spots with a heat shield. They don’t cost much but solve some big problems.

You place them directly underneath your lamp to spread light and heat evenly across the canopy layer.

With one of these attached, you can bring your light much closer to your plants without burning or stretching them. You'll get no more hot spots under your lamp either.

If you haven’t got much headroom in your tent, one of these is ideal.

• Spread light and heat evenly
Stop hot spots forming under lamp
Uniform growth
Prevent plants stretching & burning
Bring lights closer to plants
• Ideal in low ceiling tents
Easy to attach to lampholder - all fittings included

Which heat shield do you need?

• Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer reflector: Choose the ‘Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Heat Shield’
• Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflector: Heat shield included (call to order a replacement)
• All other reflectors: Choose the ‘Heat Shield Small (250 Watt - 600 Watt)’

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