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Omega Luna Pro+ LED Grow Light - 630W

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From £599.95


With the Luna Pro+ LED from Omega, you can do the growing equivalent of setting your sights on the stars because this phenomenal fixture threatens to leave everything else trailing in its wake!

Not only are you getting 630W of power for the low price of £629.95 – equating to less than £1 per W! The earth-shattering Omega Luna Pro+ LED also shines bright like a supercharged sun to pump out 2.9umol/W and hit a PPF of 1830umol/s!

Here’s a summary of the headline features and benefits:

  • Utilises a powerful 630W output
  • Delivers an impressive 2.9umol/W and a PPF of up to 1830umol/s
  • Produces huge amounts of light at around half the operating cost of HPS
  • Provides a full spectrum of light, effective for the entire plant lifecycle
  • Covers a large grow space – 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.2m tall area is ideal
  • Promises to run for 50,000 hours (equal to 11+ years on a 12/12 cycle)
  • Dims by hand via the attached dimmer dial – 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Includes a total of 2016 diodes spread evenly across 6 bars
  • Uses 1944 x SMD3030 white diodes & 72 x SMD3536 red 660nm diodes
  • Distributes light precisely and uniformly - LEDs sit right above all plants
  • Folds in half when required, making it easy to transport and store away
  • Showcases a stylish design, that’s smaller and lighter than before
  • Meets the IP65 standard to be certified water and dust resistant
  • Lets you link together as many as 200 Pro+ fixtures using a controller
  • Saves you purchasing hanging gear – 4x Rope Ratchets are supplied
  • Comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

Omega Luna Pro+ 630W LED Overview

Shoot for the stars

The Omega Luna Pro+ LED is a professional lighting solution aimed at indoor gardeners of all abilities. No other bar fixture out there gives you so much – in terms of its 630W output, PAR rating of 2.9umol/W and PPF of 1830umol/S, for so little – priced at just £629.95!

Discerning growers will love this stats buster, especially after assessing the sleek design and superior level of quality on offer! And even relative newcomers to the hobby may see themselves justifying such an investment knowing that they have found an affordable route to equipment right at the forefront of technology.

Get the best of both worlds

If you’re on a mission to maximise yields and increase crop quality, the Luna Pro+ delivers the best of both worlds! Enough power and brightness is generated by the unit to comprehensively cover an area of 1.5m x 1.5m (we recommend allowing at least 2.2m for headspace) – which is a larger footprint than comparable HPS systems, meaning there’s more room to fill with fruits! Its total of 2016 top notch diodes (made up of 1944 x SMD3030 white diodes and 72 x SMD3536 red 660nm diodes) have been carefully positioned along each of the 6 LED bars, ensuring precise and uniform distribution. Finally, the type of light that the Luna Pro+ emits will satisfy plants throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages, giving you a little bit extra over HPS alternatives thanks to the slightly wider spectrum, which helps to enhance natural flavours.

Mission Control

For manual control of the light intensity, a dimmer dial is included with 4 settings – 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. It enables you to instantly adjust output at a twist of the wrist and features a convenient, easy-to-mount case that connects to the fixture via a 1.5m cable. You can choose to take one giant leap further forwards by hooking up the Luna Pro+ to an Omega Lighting Controller – a smart device that automates your lighting, managing as many as 200 units. Contact us directly on 0333 003 22 96 for more information about the product.

Suspended in mid-air

Two pairs of rope ratchets are supplied with the Luna Pro+ and hanging it proves to be a pain-free experience due to the fact that the weight and size of the unit has decreasedcompared against the previous version. When not in use, the light will fold in half for easy transport and storage. Handy!

Built for challenging environments

Built to last and operate in challenging grow room environments, this robust and reliable fixture has been proven to run for 50,000 hours (equal to 11+ years on a 12/12 cycle) and carries an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance. A 3 year manufacturer’s warranty adds another layer of protection for your complete peace of mind.

How to set up an Omega Luna Pro+ LED

The installation process is super simple and only takes a few minutes!

Step 1: Mount the two ballast supports and use them to secure the driver.

Step 2: Connect the cable on the fixture hinge to the cable on the ballast.

Step 3: Attach the four hangers provided to each corner of the fixture

Step 4: Clip the rope rachets onto the light and your intended hanging points.

Step 5: Adjust the ratchets to ensure that the light sits at the required height for your plants.

Step 6: Plug the power cable into the driver and the mains.

Step 7: Attach a dimmer switch, timer or control panel if desired.

Step 8: When ready, turn the light on.

Assembling the Omega Luna Pro+ 630W LED

Kit Contents

1 x 630W Omega Luna Pro+ LED Grow Light

1 x 630W Driver

1 x 5m Power Cable

1 x Dimmer Dial

2 x Pairs of Rope Ratchets (4 in total)

4 x Hangers


1100mm length x 1086mm width x 100mm height

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