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Exolux Pro Sirius LED Grow Light - 630W

From £799.95
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From £799.95


Hunting down the best value high performance LED on the market? Let us introduce you to the Exolux Pro Sirius! It pumps out 630W of pure power and an intense 2.7μmol per Watt through superior quality Samsung and Osram diodes, making this stunning lighting fixture a true revelation at the incredible starting price of £799.95!   

Why go Sirius? Here’s a summary of the features and benefits:

  • Epic PAR rating of 2.7μmol/W and 1700 PPF
  • Superior Samsung 301H & Osram 660NM Red Diodes
  • Intense overall output of 630W
  • Convenient dimming range – 250W, 380W, 500W & 630W
  • Full spectrum design for veg and flowering
  • Uniform coverage of 1.2m x 1.2m to 1.5m x 1.5m area
  • Metal internal connection points for failsafe hanging
  • Supplied with rope ratchet heavy duty hangers
  • Detachable driver for remote mounting and low profile light use
  • Super effective over 50,000 hours
  • Excellent when combined with a Parlux controller
  • Passively cooled with zero moving parts
  • 180o foldable design for trouble-free transportation
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Serious about performance

Who said you always get exactly what you pay for? With the Exolux Pro Sirius, expectations aren’t just matched – they’re overwhelmingly surpassed!

Pitted against the more expensive and established big name LED lights, this lower priced fixture confidently holds its own and pushes results to the max over an area of 1.2m x 1.2m to 1.5m x 1.5m. An epic PAR rating of 2.7 μmol per Watt and 1700 PPF really takes some beating, helping to elevate the Sirius to the pantheon of top performers.

The powerful 630W output and expansive design (that completely covers the grow space) enables you to achieve a high level of intensity across your entire crop for uniform plant growth and impressive yields.               

Serious about tech

Despite a keen focus on affordability, Exolux haven’t cut any corners when it comes to the technology employed by the Sirius.

The headline components are the premium quality Samsung 301H and Osram 660NM Red LED chips, which combine to produce the full spectrum lighting needed to successfully steer your plants through veg and flowering. In total, it contains 2220 LEDs - that equates to 370 LEDs across each of the 6 bars. Since more plant usable light is also available thanks to this type of product, you’ll also get better fruits and flowers compared to HPS alternatives.

Passively cooled with zero moving parts, the Exolux Pro Sirius promises to give you years of reliable, maintenance-free operation. At the bare minimum, you can expect 50,000 hours of use! Just remember that natural convection takes heat up and away from the top of LED units – so ensure there’s a 2.5cm gap between the driver and the roof of your grow room/tent to prolong the life of the product.

A fan controller should be high on your list of priorities when you’ve embraced LED technology because fans often won’t need to work as hard throughout the day, resulting in a quieter operating grow room. The reduced extraction requirements due to less heat mean you can effectively add CO2 into your grow room and reap the rewards – both ExHale Bags and TNB Canisters represent terrific options for first timers. Start off with the light on the 250W output situated 130-140cm above your rooted cuttings/seedlings, progressing to the 630W output and a distance of 50cm from the plant canopy in flowering.

Serious about flexibility

Since the grow room represents an ever-evolving and volatile environment, being able to react and adjust to changes in conditions by tweaking how your equipment is setup and operating proves vital. Fortunately, the Exolux Pro Sirius gives you lots of flexibility!  

When you want to dial down the brightness (e.g. during the earliest stages of plant development), this can be done manually via the dimmer switch on the driver. It has four convenient settings, allowing you to gradually build up the strength of light – 250W, 380W, 500W and 630W.

Although the Sirius is short in stature, you are able to detach and mount the driver remotely to make the fixture even lower profile than before for positioning at the very top of your room or tent, thus maximising vertical grow space and providing extra space for the high intensity. If you still find yourself struggling to comfortably accommodate the light, consider purchasing a CarboAir Inline Filter and moving extraction gear outside of the growing area.           

Serious about control

For growers that demand a great degree of control over their lighting, the Exolux Pro Sirius conveniently links up to several fantastic devices! It’s compatible with 0-10V controllers - including the superb Parlux Master Controller! Simply plug one into the RJ45 input and away you go!

Using the Parlux Master Controller you can manage as many as 160x Sirius fixtures, in 2x 80-light groups. Precise dimming (2W increments) is available plus Sunrise and Sunset modes that help to slowly wake up and put your plants to sleep as nature intended, whilst Auto Dim and Shutdown features protect against overheating (extreme temperatures become a thing of the past with LEDs anyway).

Serious about the finer details

Like any game-changing product, the devil can be found in the detail with the Exolux Pro Sirius!

The inclusion of rope ratchets and metal internal connection points enable failsafe hanging of the light – you don’t have to worry about bending, buckling or breakages – and manoeuvring it into different positions takes a matter of seconds and very little effort!

The Exolux Pro Sirius utilises a unique 180° foldable design, facilitating fast and trouble-free transport of the unit in most modern day cars! You’ll also have no issues fitting the lot through a standard loft hatch!

Easily now a frontrunner in the performance and value categories for LED lights, the Exolux Pro Sirius has undoubtedly shaken up the order and set an entirely new benchmark on which to base expectations.

Grows with the Exolux Pro Sirius will result in bigger yields compared to similar wattage HPS models and a huge surge in the quality of flavours, scents and colours – largely down to the remarkable Samsung 301H and Osram 660NH Red Diodes. Any fixture without these powerhouse LEDS is arguably just entry level.

Hanging Heights

Sirius LED Hanging HeightsSirius LED Hanging Heights

Rooted Cuttings / Seedlings
- 250W, 130-140cm from canopy

20cm tall plant - 250W, 110-120cm from canopy

30-40cm tall plant - 380W, 100-110cm from canopy

50cm tall plant (pre-flower) - 500W, 80-90cm from canopy

60-70cm tall plant (early flower) - 630W, 60-70cm from canopy

Fruiting / Flowering - 630W, 40-50cm from canopy

Step by Step Assembly

4 Must Do's With Bar LED's

The Tech

 The Tech
Efficiency 2.7 µmol/J
PPF 1700 µmol/s
Input Power 630W
Thermal Management Passive
Footprint 1.2m x 1.2m to 1.5m x 1.5m
Multi-layer, Room, Tent
Lifetime 50 000 Hrs
Power Factor >90%
Colour Rendering Index 90ra
Light Source Samsung 301H and Osram 660NM
Dimmable 250W, 380W, 500W and 630W
Dimensions 116cm x 116cm x 11.5cm
Weight 12.5kg
Spectrum Full Spectrum


Kit Contains

  • 1 x Exolux Pro Sirius LED Fixture
  • 1 x LED Driver
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 4 x Rope Ratchet Heavy-Duty Hanger
  • 1 x Instructions

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