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DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller

DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller

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DLM-4 Zone Controller

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Control up to 1020 DLI lights in 4 different zones with this controller.

You get 4 x temperature probes – that's one for each zone.

It's a flexible layout - you can have one zone per tent, or multiple zones in a tent - it's up to you. Heck, if you've got 4 lights, you can put each light in its own zone (with its own temperature probe!). Why not!?

Better yet, you can connect your probe anywhere you like within the chain of lights (on the end, in the middle...the choice is yours!)

To prevent overheating, you can set lights to dim if you’re temperature rises higher than your target. Each zone can dim lights independently.

Installation is easy - connect each light with the cable-set they come with.

  • 4 zones, up to 1020 lights
  • Each zone controls up to 255 x lights & 1 sensor
  • Digital timer for On/Off times
  • Auto dim to prevent overheating
  • Plug & play installation
  • Error logging
DLM 4 Zone Controller for DLI Lights (Dutch Lighting Innovations) DLM 4 Zone Controller for DLI Lights (Dutch Lighting Innovations)

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