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Sodium Lamps

Sodium Lamps

from £19.95

250 Watt Sodium Son-T-Plus Lamp

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400 Watt Sodium Son-T-Plus Lamp

Code: 159


600 Watt Sodium Son-T-Plus Lamp

Code: 1421


1000 Watt Sodium Son-T Lamp

Code: 157


The standard Sodium Lamp generates light in the orange/red spectrum and is perfect for developing flowering plants. When used as part of a two-lamp strategy (with a blue spectrum Metal Halide covering vegetative growth), results are always fantastic! Sodium Lamps can successfully be applied from cutting to harvest but most growers prefer Sunmaster/Grolux Lamps for this approach.

Q & A

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does a high pressure sodium lamp get hotter as it gets older?
A High pressure sodium lamp will get hotter as it ages, we recommend that you change them at least every 4-6 months. Many people change them after each crop.

Written by wayne | 27 Jul 2011