Mammoth Gavita G2 2.15m Tall Grow Tent (180cm x 220cm x 215cm)

Mammoth Gavita G2 2.15m Tall Grow Tent (180cm x 220cm x 215cm)
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Push plant growth with a titanic Mammoth Elite High Ceiling G2 Grow Tent!

They were specifically designed to support high intensity, Gavita grow lights of up to 1000W. Their sheer height removes heat problems, and their retangular shape is perfect for the Small Room Reflector. 

It's why the tent features in ouGAVITA Tent Kits

Use it with a Small Room Reflector & GAVITA lights for a matchless lighting arrangement. You'll get an intense, uniform spread of light with lots of deep, cross penetration. 

As for the build, these beasts are solid, waterproof & incredibly reflective tooTreat yours well and it’ll last a lifetime! 

• Supports up to 1000W lights
• Reflectivity rating of 95% (silver Mylar interior)!
• Rectangular – maximises light
• 100% waterproof floor - will not leak!
• Jam proof, waterproof zips
 Durable cover
• Solid frame with 22mm steel poles
Easy access, large door
• Durable cover
• Dimensions - 180cm (L) x 220cm (D) x 215cm (H)


Other grow tents can't compete - with a G2 you can get the ULTIMATE GAVITA Lighting Set Up.

G2 2.15m Tall Tent Kit: 1000W 
2 x 1000W E-Series Lights + 2 x SR Reflector + EL1 Master Controller + Mammoth G2 2.15m Tall Tent + 2 x Exolux Rope Ratchets

✔ Exceptional yields (up to 10% higher)
✔ Unbeatable light intensity (up to 2100 µmol s-1 per 1000W GAVITA light)

G2 2.15m Tall Tent Kit: UV-A & UV-B
2 x 6/750W E-Series Light + 2 x SR Reflector + 4 x 270W LEPs + EL1 Master Controller + Mammoth G2 2.15m Tall Tent + 6 x Exolux Rope Ratchets

✔ Monstrous yields (up to 10% higher)
✔ Extreme light intensity (up to 1500 µmol s-1 per 750W GAVITA light + Plasma output)
 Broad light spectrum with UV-A & UV-B kit
✔ Boost & flavonoids (taste), terpenes (smell) & essential oils - thanks to UV-A & UV-B
✔ Increase anti-oxidative properties (more flavonoids)
✔ Greater resistance to pests & diseases
 Boost overall plant health



For uniform, optimum lighting, use GAVITA grow lights in your tent.

✔ Up to 10% Higher Yields 
Get the power of 400 Volts from a 230V socket with GAVITA’s E-Series lights:

• Up to 8% more grow light, for bigger yields
• 10 – 25% higher output!
• 96% efficient replaceable reflector – maximum light reflected

✔ Intense and Even Spread of light
Incredible light cross over for a uniform light intensity:

• Unbeatable intensity1000W light – (up to 2100 µmol s-1 per 1000W light or 1500 µmol s-1 per 750W light)
• Faster, uniform plant growth
• Angled, deep cross penetration - like the sun!

✔ Cost-efficient & Low Energy!
The power of 400V from a 240V socket!

• 1000W light: 5,000 hr lamp life + 95% lamp light maintenanceover a year:
• LEP light: lasts a remarkable 30,000
• Reflector loses just 1% of reflectivity after 1,000hrs
• year warranty

✔ Reliable, Safe & Simple to Control! 
Create a safe, controlled lighting environment with a GAVITA’s Master Controller:

• Reduce stress (sunrise & sunset modes to mimic natural daylight)
Emergency shutdown & auto dim safety features - eliminate heat problems
• Adjustable light output in increments of 10W (from 50 – 115%)
• Prevent high inrushes (ballasts stay on stand-by)

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