Gavita Pro 600e (+Master Controller + ECM1)

Gavita Pro 600e (+Master Controller + ECM1)

Regular Price: £869.85

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Regular Price: £869.85

Special Price £719.95

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Grow like they do in Dutch greenhouses for a rock bottom cost - SAVE 17% (£149.90!) with this kit.

The price of these products has never dropped so low – anywhere!

You Get:

600W Gavita E-series Light
2.1umol per Watt greenhouse light!

Gavita Master Controller (EL2, Gen 2)
80 lights, 2 rooms, 2 temp sensors, 2 ECMs (connects to heaters, CO2 equipment, humidifiers etc)

ECM1 (External contactor module)
used to connect external devices to your Controller (e.g. CO2 equipment, heaters, humidifier, etc)

You can connect a total of 3 external devices (CO2, heaters, humidifiers, etc) - your controller has 2 x ECMs and you get a 1 x extra ECM in this bundle!

Dim & Boost Lights In 10W Increments

You can adjust the light output of all connected lights in 10W increments (from 50% to 115%)

Sunrise & Sunset Mode

Switch to Sunrise & Sunset mode to slowly dim and boost over 30 minutes

Connect up to 3 x External Devices

That’s CO2 equipment, heaters, humidifiers, etc) - your controller has 2 x ECMs and you get a 1 x extra ECM in this bundle!

No Overheating

If your grow room gets too hot, auto dim and eventually emergency shut down will kick in. You get a warning before, and a notification after this happens.

No High Inrushes

All ballasts stay in standby mode until they get a signal from the controller to switch on.

Event Logging

You check temperature highs and lows, last auto-dims, last auto-shutdown and more.

Choose Your Display

Output: % or watts - Temperature: Celsius or Fahrenheit - Time: 24hr or AM/PM

Long lamp life - 5,000hrs

Lamps easily last at least a year and hardly lose any light

Dimmable digital light

Dim or boost your lamp to 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W or 660W as a standalone fixture.

400V frequency

It produces more light than 240V lights for the same power - colour rendering is super accurate, too.

96% vega/MIRO® aluminium reflector

It only loses 1% of it's reflectivity for every 1,000hrs of use.

No Power Loss

The distance from the lamp to ballast is very short, so there's no electromagnetic interference & no loss of power!

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