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Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V EL DE Lamp

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Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V EL DE Lamp Code: 3852
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Run your Gavita light at its best - replace your Gavita lamp every year.

This is the lamp you need for a 1000W, 400V Gavita Light.

  • Replacement lamp for 1000W, 400V Gavita Light
  • High PAR rating: 2100 μmol s-1
  • 5,000hr lamp expectancy

Nobody does lamps like Gavita! This one maintains 96% of it's light output over a year - incredible!

Time To Replace?

Your GAVITA lamp loses 4% of light after a year – that’s a 4% loss in yield.

To keep your yield constantly high, replace your lamp every year.

This lamp is the one you need for a 1000W, 400V Gavita Light.

Clear Quartz Glass Bulb

To maximise light output further – outer bulbs are made of a clear quartz glass.

400V High Frequency

The quality of light is incredible - colour rendering is super accurate.

5,000hr Lamp Life

Lamps retain 96% of their output over a year - that's more than 4 complete grow cycles.

High PAR Output

Lamps emit a whopping 2100 micromoles - and that's just the light that plants use for growth!

Dim Or Overdrive

Run it at  600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W or 1150W

Double Ended

You can position lamps precisely and get a very even burn.

No Wire Frame

This way there's no shadowing to block light.

Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V EL DE Lamp
Power: 1000 Watt
Lamp base: K12 x 30S
Grow light (µMol): 2100 µmol s-1
Light maintenance 1 yr (5,000 hrs):  >96%
Voltage: 400V



Gavita Pro Plus 1000W EL DEGavita Pro Plus 1000W EL DE

How Often Should You Replace Lamps?

When it’s costing you more not to.

Loss in light is directly proportional to loss in yield. Every 1% loss in light results in a 1% loss in yield.

Regularly replacing your lamps is one of the quickest & cheapest ways of getting a consistently high yield.

Your Gavita lamp loses 5% of light after a year – that’s a 5% loss in yield.

To maximise your yield, replace your Gavita lamps every year.

What Wavelengths can be used by Plants?

For growth, plants can only use wavelengths of light between 400nm – 700nm. These wavelengths are known as the PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) range.

To get an accurate measure of how good a grow light is, you need to find out what your light’s PPF (photosynthetic photon flux).

Your PPF reading will tell you how many how many particles of light (photons) from the PAR range are emitted by your lamp per second, measured in micromoles.

What are micromoles (µmol)?

Micromoles tell you how many particles of light (photons) from the PAR range are emitted by your lamp per second.

Your micromole count is known as your photosynthetic photon flux (PPF).

1 micromole = µmol is 602 quadrillion particles of light (photons)!

• Gavita Pro Plus 1000W Lamp = 1,264,200 particles of light

That’s a big difference (per second!)

Remember that Gavita lamps also emit light from outside the PAR range that can be used by your plants… just not for growth.

What about wavelengths outside the PAR range?

Light outside the PAR range can’t be used for growth, but it has other benefits.

UV-A & UV-B, for instance, are known to:

• Boost pest resistance
• Enhance medicinal /anti-oxidative properties
• Improve taste & aroma

However, most standard HPS lights don’t emit much UV-A & UV-B. To really get the benefits of a wider spectrum, use a Gavita supplemental LEP (Plasma) grow light.

Complete instructions are supplied with each lamp. See how to change our reflectors & lamps by watching the video above!

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