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Gavita Pro 1700e ML LED Grow Light - 645 Watt

From £1,095.00 Regular Price £1,499.95
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From £1,095.00 Regular Price £1,499.95


Push out 2.6µmol per Watt from a full spectrum, broad coverage LED - grab a Gavita Pro 1700e!

With 8 x LED bars, the large light source creates uniform coverage over a large area – even at low hanging heights (61cm – 92cm from canopy). It’s perfect for low ceilings, vertical racks & rolling benches.

In a 1.2m x 1.2m area, plants in corners get as much light as those in the centre.

With Osram & Samsung LEDs Philips Drivers, this LED is as premium as they get.

  • 645W LED - 2.6µmol per Watt (1700µmol total)
  • Dimmable up to 50% (used with EL1 or EL2 – adaptor needed)
  • Broad coverage: 120cm x 120cm area
  • Dimensions: 112cm x 111cm x 5.8cm

Years of research & development went into this LED light – with a build like this it’s no wonder.  

Broad Coverage + Low Hanging Heights

You don’t need a tall tent! At a whopping 112cm x 111cm in size, the Gavita 1700e covers large areas at low hanging heights. You’re looking at 120cm x 120cm at 61cm – 92cm (24-36″) from your canopy.

Any heat & light is spread uniformly, with such a wide light source. No hot spots, no microclimates – just uniform growth!

They’re so low profile (5.8cm tall) that you can slot them in close to your ceiling. It’s ideal for low ceiling tents.

Dimmable Up To 50% - No Spectrum Loss

You can dim down to 50% without altering your spectrum. To do this, run your Gavita 1700e from an EL1 or EL2 Master Controller (adaptor needed).

High Efficiency

The Gavita 1700e is super-efficient. It’s similar power to a 600W HPS, but you get way more plant-usable (PAR) light. You get 2.6µmol per Watt – that’s a lot of light! High-end HPS lights kick out around 1.9µmol per W.

Passively Cooled

There are no fans or moving parts in the Gavita 1700e – this reduces the number of possible fail points.  

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The Tech

Gavita Pro 1700e LED
Input current at 100% 2.6 Amps
Input power at 100% 645W
Light source LED
Lamp base Osram and Samsung LEDs  



Hang 61cm – 92cm (24-36″) from your crop in a 120cm x 120cm area. 

Note: Gavita LED Adaptor is a special order item and may take up to 7 days to be dispatched.

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