Gavita Master Controllers

Gavita Master Controllers

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Gavita Master Controller EL1

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Gavita Master Controller EL2

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Gavita ECM1

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Control up to 80 x Gavita e-series lights with a Gavita Master Controller.

  • Controls up to 80 x Gavita E-Series lights
  • Dims & Boosts in 10W increments (from 50% - 115%)
  • Connects with 2 other devices (e.g. humidifier) - EL2 Only

No timers, contactors & switchboards are needed! You can control all ballasts at once with a couple clicks.

Opt for EL2, and you can run 2 rooms of 40 lights - each room on a different light cycle.

Sunrise & Sunset Mode

Switch to Sunrise & Sunset mode to slowly dim and boost over 30 minutes!

Dim & Boost in 10W Incremements

You can adjust the light output of all connected lights in 10W increments (from 50% to 115%)

No overheating

If your grow room gets too hot, auto dim and eventually emergency shut down will kick in.

You get a warning before, and a notification after this happens.

No high inrushes

All ballasts stay in standby mode until they get a signal from the controller to switch on.

Choose your Display

Output: % or watts - Temperature: Celsius or Fahrenheit - Time: 24hr or AM/PM

Easy to Use

Everything's plug & play.

Choose a Controller

Option 1: EL1

  • 40 x Gavita Pro E-Series Lights
Outputs: 1
Temperature sensors 1
Total ballast number 40
Alarm contacts no
External Contactor Modules (ECM's): no
Warranty 3 years 

Option 2: EL2

  • 80 Gavita Pro E-Series Lights 
  • All E-Series devices
  • 2 x other devices (e.g. humidifier, CO2 equipment)
  • Connects with alarm system (txt/email/alarm)
Outputs: 2 (main/aux)
Temperature sensors 2 (for 2 rooms)
Total ballast number 80
Alarm contacts yes
ECM's: 2 optional
Warranty 3 years

Run all lights in one room OR  2 rooms of 40 lights (separate On/Off cycles)

The Tech

Gavita Master Controller – EL1
• 24 hour timer (on/off): yes
• Set output level: 50 – 115%
• Select ballast type: 400/600/750/1000W
• Show output as W or %: yes
• Auto-dim at set temp: yes
• Auto shutdown at set temp: yes
• Sunrise / sunset period: yes
• Outputs: 1 (main)
• Temperature sensors: 1 (main)
• Number of ballasts per output: 40
• Total number of ballasts: 40
• Warranty: 3 years


Gavita Master Controller – EL2
• 24 hour timer (on/off): yes
• Set output level: 50 – 115%
• Select ballast type: 400/600/750/1000W
• Show output as W or %: yes
• Auto-dim at set temp: yes
• Auto shutdown at set temp: yes
• Sunrise / sunset period: yes
• Outputs: 2 (main/aux)
• Temperature sensors: 2 (for 2 rooms 12/12)
• Number of ballasts per output: 40
• Total number of ballasts: 80 (either in one room or 2 x 40 in 12/12)
• Alarm contacts N0/NC: yes
• External Contactor Modules (ECM): 2 optional
• Warranty: 3 years

How to Use

1. Connect the controller cables to the fixtures with the included T-splitter
2. Set the dials on the fixtures to EXT (External control)
3. Plug the controller and the fixtures directly into mains and you’re set to go.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

i see the el2 can run 2 rooms on 12/12 but can it 2 different light cycles from this unit in seperate rooms or do i have to buy 2 units to achieve this thanks in advance :)
You would need to use 2 separate units to run different light cycles, but 2 12/12 cycles can be run from 1 EL2 Controller.

Written by KS | 1 May 2016