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Gavita HR96 Reflectors

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600W Gavita HR96 SE Reflector Code: 3830
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1000W Gavita HR96 DE Reflector Code: 3815
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Got Gavita lights? Keep them at their best - relace your reflector every year.

This revolutionary reflector is the standard one for GAVITA Pro Classic & E-Series lights.

  • 135o beam angle (medium spread, for overlapping light)
  • Supplied with all Gavita Pro Classic & E-Series Fixtures
  • Replace every 1 year for best results

For an overlapping plan, there's nothing like this reflector.

Light from multiple reflectors overlap and penetrate deep into the canopy from all angles - like the sun. 

Time To Replace?

Over time, reflector surfaces oxidise and lose their shine. 

At least 2/3 of light hits your Gavita reflector – every 3% of reflectivity lost costs you 2% of light from your fixture. This is around a 2% loss of yield!

To maximise yields, replace your GAVITA reflector every year. 

Deep Cross Penetration

In overlapping plants, light of multiple reflectors overlaps. Light reaches plants from all angles - like sunlight

You're get an even canopy, and plants that are horizontally and vertically uniform - it's crazy!

135o Beam Angle

Just what you need for overlapping lightuniform growth and deep cross penetration.

Quick & Easy To Replace

You don't need any tools - just your hands.

Long Reflector Life

It only loses 1% of it's reflectivity for every 1,000hrs of use -  that's almost a full growing cycle!

96% Reflective Vega/MIRO® Aluminium Surface

They don't come more reflective than that.

Hand Assembled

The design, production & testing process is very rigorous! Each reflector's hand assembled by a single person. No wonder they're good!

Easy Reflector RemovalEasy Reflector Removal
Easy Reflector Removal
Simple to CarrySimple to Carry
Simple to Carry
Quick Lamp ReleaseQuick Lamp Release
Quick Lamp Release
138o Beam Angle138o Beam Angle
138 Degree Beam Angle

How They're Made

1. Design

3D modelling software was used to map out all light reflections. The aim: to create a uniform intensity that penetrates past the canopy layer.

2. Testing

A custom moulded reflector was rotated in a blackened room to check the light reflection and light footprint from all angles.

3. Hand Assembly

Each reflector is hand-assembled by a single person. Some components are factory-made, but that’s it.

3. Final Test

Each lighting system is activated to make sure it works exactly as it should. That’s why there are slight burn marks on new bulbs (they disappear after 10 mins of use).

400W - 600W GAVITA SE HR96 Reflector

• Reflector material: vega / MIRO® aluminium
• Beam angle: 138o beam angle
• Suitable lamp: 400W – 600W HPS single ended
• Gross weight: 0.44kg / 1.0lbs

750W - 1000W GAVITA DE HR96 Reflector

• Reflector material: vega / MIRO® aluminium
• Beam angle: 138o beam angle
• Suitable lamp: 750W – 1000W HPS double ended
• Gross weight: 0.44kg / 1.0lbs

Replacing your reflector

Each reflector’s easy to install – just watch the video above!

Cleaning your reflector

A clean reflector is never as efficient as a new one. But if you do want to clean your reflector:

• DO NOT touch the reflective material with your hand
• Clean with a dry soft cloth, do not scratch the material
• NEVER polish a reflector, you will scratch the surface.
• Replace your reflector every year for optimal efficiency
• Never use detergents, some vinegar might work for calcium spots (make sure you rinse with distilled water after to prevent spots)

Positioning reflectors

Rather than adjusting the height of your reflectors as plants grow, keep them at a fixed height at the top of your growing area.

The principle is that you don’t light plants, you light rooms.

By keeping your reflectors at a fixed height, you’ll get a lot more light overlap, which will create a uniform, intense light in throughout your room.

Rather than building up your light intensity when you first put plants in your tent, they start off further from the lights, and grow into the intensity.

This also means you get none of the problems associated with dimming your lights (loss of spectrum, loss of penetration).

For a FREE tailored GAVITA layout, visit your local store

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