Mammoth Gavita G1 2.4m Tall Tent and 1000W Light Kit

Mammoth Gavita G1 2.4m Tall Tent and 1000W Light Kit
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Unlock the ULTIMATE lighting environment with a GAVITA G1 tent kit.

They feature the Mammoth G1 2.4m Tall Tent and GAVITA’s Small Room Reflector, which have been designed specifically to work with each other. Used together to provide a perfectly uniform spread of light with deep cross penetration!

You can control all your equipment with a couple of clicks – a GAVITA Master Controller’s included!

You won’t find a combination like it elsewhere!

✔  400V from a 240V socket! (low energy consumption)
✔  Intense, even lighting – for extreme, uniform plant growth
✔  Deep, cross light penetration
✔  Up to 10% higher yields (thanks to at least 8% more plant usable light)
✔  FREE customised lighting layout when you visit your local store
✔  3 year warranty on all GAVITA products
✔  Total safety & complete control - GAVITA Master Controller

1000W Tent Kit:
Get an incredibly intense & uniform light spread of light with GAVITA’s 1000W light!

1000W E-Series Light + SR Reflector + EL1 Master Controller Mammoth G1 2.4m Tall Tent Exolux Rope Ratchets

✔ Unbeatable light intensity (up to 2100 µmol s-1 per 1000W light)
✔ Intense, uniform spread of light with lots of cross penetration


What’s Cross Penetration?

Cross penetration is where light is directed towards your tent walls. It is then reflected back to penetrate crops from more angles. 

Cross penetration results in
✔   Greater light intensty - leading to larger, faster growing, healthier plants
✔   Deeper penetration - light reaches plants from more angles, so it can penetrate deep into the canopy layer

The Mammoth G1 2.4m Tall Tent and GAVITA Small Room Reflector work perfectly together to create this cross penetration. You really will have the ultimate lighting environment. You can expect larger, healthier, faster growing plants with monstrous yields.


✔ Intense and Even Spread of light
Incredible intensity with lots of cross penetration, for uniform growth

•  Unbelievable intensity: 2100 µmol s-1 per 1000W light
•  Faster, uniform plant growth
•  Deeper light penetration: light comes at plants from lots of angles to mimic sunlight  

✔ Up to 10% Higher Yields 
Get the power of 400 Volts from a 230V socket with GAVITA’s E-Series lights:

• Up to 8% more grow light, for bigger yields
• 10 – 25% higher output!
• 96% efficient replaceable reflector – maximum light reflected
• 3 year warranty 

✔ Cost-efficient
Incredible lamp life, reflector life & low power consumption

• 5,000 hr lamp life + 95% lamp light maintenance over a year
• Reflector loses just 1% of reflectivity after 1,000hrs
• 400V from a 240V socket!

✔ Safe and Reliable – Absolute Control!
A safe, controlled lighting environment with a GAVITA’s Master Controller

• Reduce stress (sunrise & sunset mode to mimic natural daylight)
• Prevent heat problems (auto dim & emergency shutdown)
Adjust your light output from 50 – 115% (in 10W increments)
• No high inrushes (ballast stays on stand-by)

Kit Contains
How to Use

Complete illustrated GroWell instructions are supplied with your kit. See how to change our reflectors & lamps by watching the video above!

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