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Gavita Pro 600e SE Complete Fixture for 400V Lamp

Gavita Pro 600e SE Complete Fixture for 400V Lamp

Regular Price: £369.95

Special Price £314.46

Regular Price: £369.95

Special Price £314.46

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Serious about growing? Then go Gavita!

They're pioneering lights crafted in Holland, the greenhouse capital! 

They produce 8% more plant usable light than other 600W lights. Overall, you can expect a 10% yield increase.

  • 3-in-1 ballast, lamp & reflector
  • Dimmable 600W, 400V Light (1150 µmol s-1)
  • Part of Gavita's e-series (connects to Master Controller)

These lights are brighter, cooler & more efficient than any other light we've seen. 

Bulk Offer

  • BUY 2+  for £334.95 each - SAVE £15 PER LIGHT (10% OFF)
  • BUY 4+  for £319.95 each - SAVE £30 PER LIGHT (14% OFF)
  • BUY 6+  for £309.95 each - SAVE £40 PER LIGH (17% OFF)

Compatible with Gavita Master Controller

You can control up to 80 of these at once with a Gavita Master Controller! No switchboard or timer is needed!

10% yield increase

Compared to standard 600W grow lights

Long lamp life - 5,000hrs

Lamps easily last at least a year and hardly lose any light

3 year warranty

All Gavita lights come with a 3 year warranty that we honour - just make sure you hang on to your receipt. 

Dimmable digital light

Dim or boost your lamp to 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W or 660W as a standalone fixture.

400V frequency

It produces more light than 240V lights for the same power - colour rendering is super accurate, too.

96% vega/MIRO® aluminium reflector

It only loses 1% of it's reflectivity for every 1,000hrs of use.

No Power Loss

The distance from the lamp to ballast is very short, so there's no electromagnetic interference & no loss of power!

Quick to Reflector Replacement Quick to Reflector Replacement

Easy Reflector Removal

Overhead view Overhead view

Overhead View



6 Dimmer Settings 6 Dimmer Settings

300W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 660W or Ext

Data Cable Data Cable

2 x 1.5m Data Cables


The Tech

  • Input Voltage: 230V-240V (± 10%)
  • Input Current 1: 2.75A (at 100%)
  • Input Power 1: 645W (at 100%)
  • Input Current 2: 3.0A (at 110%)
  • Input Power 2: 700W (at 110%)
  • Power Factor: >0,98
  • THD: <10%
  • Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Input Connection: IEC C14
  • Adjustable: 300/400/500/600/660W/EXT
  • Case Temp. (°C): 75
  • Certification: CE
  • External dim: Gavita Master controller analog protocol (<11,5V)
  • External dim connector: RJ14 connector build in (6P4C)
  • Article Number: (EU) | (UK) | (CH)
  • EAN code: 8718403053203 (EU) | 8718403053227 (UK) | 8718403053234 (CH)

Kit Contains

A) Gavita Pro 600e SE US fixture

  • Electronic ballast
  • Reflector bracket
  • Lever to unlatch reflector
  • Lamp socket
  • Reflector Hortistar HR96 600 SE
  • Mounting points

B) Three-way control cable splitter (3xRJ14)

C) 2x Interconnect/ drop cable (RJ14/RJ14 ) - Cable length: 1.5 m

D) Gavita Pro 600 W 400 V EL lamp

E) Power cord with either NEMA 5-15 or NEMA 6-15 plug

How to Use

It’s a simple to use – everything’s plug and play installation

Preparing the fixture for use

  • Switch off the mains power
  • Install the lamp into the fixture (don’t touch it with your bare hands)
  • Hang the lamp by its two mounting points

Connecting the fixture to a Gavita Master Controller

  • Use the RJ14 splitters to daisy chain up to 40 fixtures per controller port.
  • Set the dials on the fixtures to EXT (External Control)
  • Connect the controller to the included RJ14 splitter, using the controller’s connection cable
  • Connect one output of the splitter to the RJ14 plug of the fixture by the interconnect cable
  • The indicator light on the ballast will blink when the connection is successful
  • Connect the other splitter output to the following RJ14 splitter with an interconnect cable
  • Repeat this process to connect up to 40 ballasts per controller port

Connecting the fixture to the mains

  • Ensure the cord is not coiled and does not touch any hot surfaces.
  • Always use a double throw contactor suitable of switching a capacitive load
  • Never use household timers to switch the fixture, unless protecting it with a contact!
  • If a controller is used, ensure the controller is connected to the fixture.
  • Plug the power cord into the mains.
  • Switch on mains power.

We recommend using a timer (to automate on/off times), and a contact (to protect your timer).


  • Never use the fixture without a lamp or reflector
  • Run your lamps at 100% output for at least 100 hours before dimming them to stabilise your lamp
  • Always disconnect the fixture from the mains and allow lamps to cool for 30 minutes before performing any maintenance
  • Never touch your lamp with bare hands
  • Avoid coiled cords
  • Ensure the power cord and the controller cable do not touch the reflector
  • If external switching gear is used, ensure it can cope with the inrush current of the fixture

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