Sun System 315W LEC/CDM Lighting Systems

Sun System 315W LEC/CDM Lighting Systems

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Sun System 315W LEC/CDM Lighting Systems (942 Daylight Lamp)

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Sun System 315W LEC/CDM Lighting Systems (930 Agro Lamp)

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Sorry folks, due to high demand we're out of stock! We'll get more in stock in September. 

Can't wait that long? Try a CDM Horizon Reflector. Its wide coverage is ideal if you want to use your CDM as a supplemental grow light. 


Get a broad spectrum, high intensity and reduce runing costs - all with just 1 light. 

  • Standalone CDM  (no HID light needed)
  • Ideal in 1m x 1m area
  • Low running costs

You can ditch your HID light - this is the first CDM you can use as a main grow light and still get great results.

How? It's all about the reflector.

It's shape, size and vertical lamp position gives you a mega intensity in a 1m x 1m area

Tests show you get up to 61% more light on target & higher PAR reading by using similar systems with a different reflector.

Use as your Main Light

To cover a 1m x 1m area, this is all you need to get a high PAR output and broad spectrum.

Low Running Costs

Each system is just 315W so you get great results using hardly any energy.

Broad Spectrum with UVA & UVB

Plants get a much broader spectrum with lots of UVA & UVB. The 942 Agro option is the closest spectrum to sunglight we've ever seen.

Bushier, Bigger Yielding Plants

You'll get plants with smaller internodal spaces and more lateral branches and bigger root systems - expect a big yield increase.

Improve Smell, Flavour & Appearance

UVA & UVB are known to drive terpene, flavanoid & essentail oil production. Fruit and flowers will look, smell and taste better.

You Get

Like with all lighting systems you get a lamp, ballast and reflector. No CDM lampholder is needed - your reflector has a CDM fitting.

Maxibright Daylight 315W CDM Ballast

Philips CDM lamp Philips CDM lamp

It was made for the Philips 315W lamps.

  • Low energy, low cost
  • Spectrum broadening technology
  • Cool & quiet to run

Sun System LEC CDM Reflector

Philips CDM lamp Philips CDM lamp

Use with a CDM light in a 1m x 1m area!

  • Vertical lamp position
  • Wide & intense footprint
  • 46cm x 46cm x 25cm

Philips 315W CDM Lamp

Philips CDM lamp Philips CDM lamp

Choose a 930 Agro or 942 Daylight lamp.

  • Agro boosts quality from start to finish
  • Daylight improves veg growth
  • 1.9µmol (Agro) 1.7µmol (Daylight)

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