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Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Lighting Systems

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Lighting Systems

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250 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Avenger BAY6 Light System

Code: 1873

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400 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Avenger BAY6 Light System

Code: 1874

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600 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Avenger BAY6 Light System

Code: 1875

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600 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Avenger BAY6 Digital Light System

Code: 2816

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Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector only (IEC connection)

Code: 953

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Tweak your beam angle and fight hot spots with an Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Lighting System.

You get: Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector + UltraVivid Lamp + BAY6 Ballast.

Narrow or widen to suit your hanging height & plants. There are 3 wing positions - go near and narrow or far and wide to keep your light intensity & footprint spot on.

You can even use this reflector to mimic seasonal conditions.

To fight hot spots & stop plants stretching, a removable ‘super-spreader’ heat shield is included! It sits under your lamp to spread out light and heat. No more bright, hot patches! With one attached, you can bring your light much closer to plant without burning or stretching. 

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector + UltraVivid Lamp + Choice of Ballast
• Narrow or widen your reflector (3 wing positions)
Raise & lower lampholder
• Spread light evenly & deflect heat (removable Super Spreader included)
No hot spots - ideal for low hanging heights
98% reflective Vega/Miro aluminium
• Cover an area of 1.5m x 1m
• Dimensions: 65cm x 55cm (W x L) - 75cm x 55cm (W x L)
• 12 month ballast warranty

How to Use

Step by step instructions are provided for assembling the reflector.

Once suspended, hang the reflector from your ceiling or grow tent roof. For best results, use Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets or Ezi-Roll Light Hangers - but chain will do.

'S' Hooks and Ceiling Hook Plates are also needed.

For best results, adjust your lampholder and reflector wings as you raise or lower lights to keep your footprint the same. Doing this will keep your spread of light consistent.

When starting vegetative growth:

• Narrow your beam angle
• Position your reflector high in the grow room.
• Position the lampholder quite far away from the reflector
• If there are any shadows, adjust the lampholder position.

As the plants become stronger and bigger:

• Bring your reflector closer to plants
• Widen your beam angle as you bring lights closer to plants
• This maintains the 1.5m spread
• Make sure you change the lampholder position at each adjustment

In the final stages of growth:

• Slowly move the reflector back away from the canopy to create an artificial autumn
• Narrow the beam angle as the reflector rises
• Adjust the lampholder to create an even spread once more

To prevent hot spots forming:

• When your reflector’s really close to the plant canopy, bring your lamp closer to your reflector.
• This artificially creates a shadow (heat shield attached) in the centre of your light spread.
• Light in this area is then reduced, to prevent stretching.
• You get an even canopy for maximum productivity across your crop.


Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Can these adjust-a-wing be used with a digital ballast?
The Adjust-a-wing reflectors work well with both digital & magnetic ballasts.

Written by SA | 28 May 2014

What are the dimensions of the Adjusta-Wing relector at it's widest? Thanks
At it's widest setting, the Adjusta-shade is 65cm wide.

Written by GB | 7 Sep 2011

hi what is the best position to place the adjusta-shade reflector for best performance?
The in depth info above gives a good guide on how to best use an adjusta shade. There's no "right" answer to your question as each room is diferent, but the general principles outlined above of adjusting focus and lampholder as your plants grow are a great place to start. Other than that, use your own experience and the reactions of you plants to completely dial in your adjusta-shade set-up.

Written by RH | 15 May 2011