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1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION Defender Lighting System

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From £499.95


Increase PAR output with a 1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION Defender Lighting System.

It’ll sit as low as 60cm from your canopy without burning plants. With this low hanging height, you lose less light to walls -instead, you get high PARuniform coverage without causing heat stress.

  • Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector (Large -100cm x 70cm)
  • Remote or connected ballast (parts included for both)
  • High PAR Output - PPF = 2100μmol (at 1000W), 2350μmol (at 1100W)
  • Long PAR maintenance – extended 16,000hr lamp life
  • Super-spreader included (no hot spots)

You can run your lamps at 600W/ 750W / 830W / 1000W / 1100W thanks to the dimmable digital ballast.

To trigger growth, recreate spring, summer & autumn with your reflector. There are 3 x wing positions and 5 x lamp heights so you can mimic seasonal light & heat fluctuations.

High PAR Output

Lamps have a high PPF of 2100μmol (at 1000W), 2350μmol (at 1100W).

That's one of the best PAR outputs for HPS lights! To get it so high, the very best Japanese & USA components are used. 

400V Dimmable Digital Ballast

You can run it at 600W/ 750W / 830W / 1000W / 1100W. For accurate colour rendering, ballasts run at super high frequencies - they're 400V!

Adjust-A-Wings Defender Large Reflector!

It's 92% reflective, titanium white coated to make it heat resistant. It’s 100cm x 70cm.

Double Ended Lamps

You get a really even burn across your lamps and colour rendering is accurate. It's also easy to position your lamps precisely. 

Tweak Your Light & Heat Intensity

There are 3 x wing positions and 5 x lamp heights. Remember, you can dim your ballast, too. 

No More Bright, Hot Spots (Super-Spreader Included)

You can get much closer to plants without burning or stretching them, thanks to the included Super Spreader.

Flexible Layout!

Hang your lamp, ballast & reflector together. Or to save space, keep your ballast outside your grow room. 


Kit Contains

  • Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector (Large – 100cm x 70cm)
  • HELLION DE 1000W HPS Lamp
  • HELLION DE Lamp Adaptor (adjustable)
  • HELLION DE 1000W Ballast
  • HELLION 1000W Reflector Connector (for large Adjust-A-Wings)
  • HELLION 1000W Reflector Connector (for large wings)
  • Super Spreader
  • 2.5m Input Power Cord
  • 3.5m Extension Cord
  • Large Wing Adaptor Kit
  • Assembly Instructions

Why Use A Super Spreader?

To stop bright, hot spots building under your lamp, a Super Spreader is included. 

With one attached, growth is uniform, so you get a nice even canopy and bigger overall yield. You can bring your light much closer to plants without burning or stretching. If you haven't got much headroom, they're a must.

Normal Reflector

Normal Reflector DiagramNormal Reflector Diagram

Adjust-A-Wings + Super Spreader

Adjust-A-Wings + Super Spreader DiagramAdjust-A-Wings + Super Spreader Diagram

Mimic The Seasons With Your Reflector

To trigger the right growth at the right time, use your reflector to mimic spring, summer & autumn.



Diagram SpringDiagram Spring

When: veg growth, Wings: narrow
Lampholder: low, Distance: 75-90cm

For uniform growth, create warm, even light patterns with a moderate intensity.


Diagram SummerDiagram Summer

When: flowering, Wings: wide
Lampholder: high, Distance: 40-60cm

Trigger flowering deep into the foliage with high intensity light and summer temperatures.


Diagram AutumnDiagram Autumn

When: maturing Wings: mid
Lampholder: mid Distance: 60-75cm

Enhance and balance essential oils as plants mature with autumn settings.

Ballast Tech Specs

Operating Parameters

1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION DE Defender Ballast
Current at 1000W 208 V/ 5.4A
240V/ 4.6A
277V/ 4.0A
Output wattage 600W / 750W / 830W / 1000W / 1100W
Efficiency > 92.5% @240V AC
Ignition voltage < 4.5KV
Ambient operating temperature -20°C to 50°C
Max case temperature <70°C
Standard IEC 61347
EMC EN55015


Input And Performance Parameters

1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION DE Defender Ballast
Input voltage 208V to 305V AC
Input frequency 50/60Hz
External control 0 to 11.5V
via RJ11 sockets
THD <5%
PF > 0.998 Non-dimmed
OCV 300V
Weight 4kg
Dimensions 241.5mm x 177mm x 74mm



1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION DE Defender Ballast
Short circuit yes
Open circuit  yes
Ignition failure yes
Overheated yes
EOL yes
Soft Start yes
Hot re-strike yes

Lamp Tech Specs

Output Specifications

1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION DE Defender Lamp
  1000W 1100W
Luminous Flux 154,590 lumens 167,480 lumens
CRI 27 Ra8 31 Ra8
PPF 2100 μmol 2350 μmol
PPF/Watt 2.10 2.14
Colour temperature 2007K 2007K
Rated average life 16,000 hours 16,000 hours



Physical Specifications

1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION DE Defender Ballast
Overall length 390mm (15.35")
Glass base to base 270mm (10.63")
Glass jacket 320mm (12.6")  
Glass diameter 30mm (1.18")
Weight 128g


Intended Use

1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION DE Defender Lamp
Socket Type SPP0710 or equally rated double ended lamp socket
Socket pulse rating 5kV
Fixture rating Open/closed
Burning position Horizontal ±15°
Bulb designation T40
Base designation K12x30s


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