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Philips 315W CDM Lamps

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315 Watt Philips MasterColour 930 Agro CDM Lamp Code: 5410
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315 Watt Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp Code: 3827
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Broaden your light spectrum and increase your PAR output from a single Philips 315W CDM lamp.

They emit a broad light spectrum that’s a lot closer to actual sunlight to prevent stretching and enhance growth.

The 930 Agro lamp’s spectrum is the closest one to actual sunlight we’ve ever seen!

You can expect plants to form more lateral branches, have smaller internodal spacing, more flowering sites and larger root systems

Since plants will produce more essential oils (thanks to more to UV-A & UV-B), they’ll look, smell and taste nicer too!

You won’t believe how efficient they are – you’re looking at a PAR output of up to 1.9 micromoles per Watt! Use it with the 315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Ballast, you’ll get an incredible beam pattern and spectrum output, thanks to the ballast’s high frequency.

Your energy bills & grow room temperature will hardly change – remember, the lamps are only 315W! For safety, lamps are double jacketed (bulb in a bulb).

High PAR output up to 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt
Bigger, bushier plants with more flowering sites
Enhance appearance, taste & smell of fruit and flowers
• Increase production of essential oils, terpenes and flavonoids
Easy to retrofit into existing light set up
• Low power 
- hardly affects grow room temperature or energy bills
Affordable way of broadening light spectrum
• Position it between two HID lights

There are two options:

Option 1: 315 Watt Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp
• 1.7 micromoles (µmol) per Watt
• Bluer light spectrum
• Fantastic during vegetative growth

Supplied with our 315 Watt Maxibright CDM Horizon Lighting System.

Option 2: 315 Watt Philips MasterColour 930 Agro CDM Lamp
• 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt
• 1.1 μmol m-2 s-1
• Fuller light spectrum
• Great as a supplemental or standalone lamp throughout your grow

Supplied with our Dimlux Expert Series CDM Light System.

We recommend:

We recommend using your 315W CDM Lamp as part of a supplemental lighting system. You can easily retrofit it between 2 HID lights.

Don’t forget:

If your reflector doesn’t have an inbuilt CDM lampholder, you will need to buy one. Most reflectors don’t have this – the Maxibright Horizon reflector does.

The light spectrum is made up of different colours (or wavelengths).

For growth:
Plants use wavelengths between 400nm - 700nm. These wavelengths are known as the PAR range.

For yield quality:
Though they aren't used for growth, wavelengths outside the PAR range (such as UV-A, UV-B, infrared and far red) are key to plant health.
• HID lamps: mostly emit wavelengths from inside the PAR range for growth
• LEP lamps: mostly emit wavelengths from outside the PAR range to enhance quality
• CDM lamps fall somewhere in between.

When using a CDM lamp as a supplemental grow light, we recommend position it between two HID light to broaden your light spectrum and intensity throughout your grow.

315W Philips 930 Agro CDM Lamp

Nom. Watts: 315
Approx. Initial Lumens: 33,000
Approx. Mean Lumens: 29,700
Efficacy (lm/w): 104
Colour Temp. (Kelvin) 3200
CRI: 90
Burn Position: Universal
Rated Avg. Life (Hrs): 20,000
PPF (µmol/sec): 1.9

315W Philips 942 Daylight CDM Lamp

Light Technical Characteristic
• Colour Code: 942 [CCT of 4200K]
• Colour Rendering Index: 85 (min), 90 (nom) Ra8
• Colour Designation: Cool White
• Colour Temperature: 4200 K
• Colour Temperature Technical: 4000 (min), 4200 (nom), 4400 (max) K
• Initial Lumens: 34300 Lm
• Luminous Efficacy Lamp EL: 109 Lm/W
• Lumen Maintenance 2000h: 97 %
• Lumen Maintenance 5000h: 96%
• Lumen Maintenance 8000h: 95%
• Lumen Maintenance El 10000h: 93%
• Lumen Maintenance 12000h: 91%
• Lumen Maintenance 20000h: 80%
• Lumen Maintenance: 97% (10% life), 95% (40% life)
• Design Mean Lumens: 30780 Lm
• Chromaticity Coordinate X: 0.373 Chromaticity
• Coordinate Y: 0.371

General Characteristics
• Base: PGZX18.
• Bulb: T12 [38 mm]
• Bulb Finish: Clear
• Operating Position: Universal [Any or Universal (U)]
• Life to 5% failures EL: 10500 hr
• Life to 10% failures EL: 13300 hr
• Avg. Hrs. Life: 20000 hr

Electrical Characteristics
• Energy Used: 315 W
• Lamp Wattage EL 25°C, Rated: 315.0 W
• Lamp Wattage EL 25°C, Nominal: 315.0 W
• Lamp Voltage: 100 V
• Lamp Current EL: 3.15 A
• Lamp Current RunUp: 4.7 A
• Ignition Time: 3 (max) s
• Run-up time90%: 3 (max) min
• Re-ignition Time [min]: 10 (max) min
• Energy consumption kWh/1000h: 346 kW/h

Environmental Characteristics
• Energy Efficiency Label (EEL): A+
• Mercury (Hg) Content: 24 (max) mg
• Picogram per Lumen Hour: 39.0 p/LuHr
• Energy consumption kWh/1000h: 346 kW/h
UV-related Characteristics
• Damage Factor D/fc: 0.20
• PET (NIOSH): 26 h500lx
• UV-A: 5.82 mW/cm2
• UV-B: 0.03 mW/cm2
• UV-C: 0.20 mW/cm2

Product Dimensions:
• Overall Length : 193 mm
• Diameter D: 38 mm
• Light Centre Length L: 88 (min), 90 (nom), 92 (max) mm
• Arc Length O: 14 mm
• Maximum Overall Length [inch]: 7.6 (max) in
• Light Centre Length L: 3.54 in
• Diameter D: 1.5 in


Inserting a CDM lamp into a CDM lampholder:
You will notice that the two pins at the bottom of the lamp each have a different end point - one being a complete circle and the other being a half circle. You must ensure that these match up with the corresponding grooves in the lampholder, as forcing them into the wrong place could cause irreversible damage. 

These lamps can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from short wave ultraviolet radiation if the outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. If using in an area where people will remain for more than a few minutes, make sure adequate shielding or other safety precautions are used.

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