Gavita Pro 630e CMH/CDM Fixtures

Gavita Pro 630e CMH/CDM Fixtures
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Improve taste, aroma & quality with Gavita’s CDM fixture.

It has a balanced, full spectrum to enhance crop quality.

Use it as a standalone light (930 only) or supplemental light (942 or 930).

It’s part of Gavita’s e-series - so you can remotely control & dim it with a Gavita Master Controller.

  • Full spectrum CDM light
  • Efficient - up to 1.9umol per W
  • As a standalone light it suits
  • E-series – Connects to Gavita Master Controllers


Which lamp?

930 Agro Lamp: (supplemental or standalone)

  • 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt
  • Fuller light spectrum


942 Daylight Lamp (supplemental only)

  • 1.7µmol per Watt
  • Bluer light spectrum
  • Supplemental light only


3-in-1 fixture

With no external wires, there’s low electromagnetic interference. As a result, all fixtures are complaint with FCC regulations.

Repeater Bus Cable included

Use it to connect your fixture to a Gavita Master Controller and daisy chain fixtures together.

Overall, you can connect 500 fixtures to each port on your Master Controller. That’s means you can connect 1000 fixtures in total to an EL2 controller.

Passive cooling

There are no moving parts in this fixture. To keep the electromagnetics cool, ballasts are completely sealed off and cooled through the aluminium housing. This method increases the life and reliability of your unit.

Easy Installation & reflector replacement

The reflector clips onto the ballast directly, rather than using brackets. This makes the whole fixture sturdier, lighter and smaller. It’s so well balanced that you can hang it from just 2 points. You’ll find it easier to replace your reflector, too.

Connected to the Gavita Master Controller

The Gavita 630e contains 2 x 315W CDM lamps. During Autodim, one lamp will always switch off before the other. To ensure both lamps have an equal burn time, your Master Controller alternates which lamp switches off first.


The Tech

Gavita Pro 630e SE CMH Technical Specifications

Input current at 100%

2.5 Amps

Input power at 100%

660 Watts
Light source Philips CDM Elite 315W 930 Agro or 942 Dayligt
Reflector M 132 SE CMH 630
Lamp base PGZX18
 Voltage  240V


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