Maxibright 600 Watt Pro-Select Digital Ballast

Maxibright 600 Watt Pro-Select Digital Ballast

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600W Maxibright Pro-Select Digital Ballast

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Get a 250W, 400W, 600W & 660W output from a single ballast - the 600W Maxibright Pro-Select Digital Ballast.

Use it to drive, dim & boost any 600W HPS lamp. You can even power 600W MH lamps (never dim or boost MH lamps).

For bigger yields, just overdrive a 600W HPS to 660W - that's a 10% increase!

These gems can run from a normal 240V household mains supply…they simply transform the incoming voltage to your chosen output!

You’ll really keep your costs down…you’re looking at a 3 - 4% less energy per ballast. To prolong the life of your lamps, your ballast uses soft-start technology to lower your start up current.

Forget about noise and heat problems – these ballasts are light, cool and quiet to run.

Each ballast has an incredibly long life and the output doesn’t degrade with age. Just to make sure, you get a 3 year warranty. What more could you want?

• 4 dimmer settings (250W, 400W, 600W & 660W output)
• Super lumen (boost) setting – 10% more power
• Easy to use - simple dimming switch - plug and play
• No heat problems - cool to run + thermal protection
• No noise – it’s operates silently - no humming, no buzzing
• Prolong the life of lamps – soft-start technology
• Energy saving (roughly 3 – 4% per ballast!)
• Output doesn’t degrade with age
• Long life + 3 year warranty
• RF shielded – won’t interfere with your radio frequency
• Durable shell + graduated fin design to prevent heat problems
• Works with any 600W lamp & IEC connection reflector

We recommend:

Use a bestselling 600W Grolux Lamp. It emits blue and red wavelengths of light and can be used through your entire grow.

To automate light on and off times, use a Heavy Duty Timer and Contactor (one ballast only). If you have more than one ballast, you’ll need an Exolux Timer Contactor.

The Tech

How does the Maxibright Pro-Select Digital Ballast work?

The Exolux Pro is a digital/electronic ballast.

This means that it:

• Is small, compact and light

• Is quiet to run

• Outputs hardly any heat

• Use a lot less power (uses 3 – 4% less energy per ballast)

• Prolongs the life of lamps

• Boost colour rendering

How can digital ballasts do all of this?

Firstly, they can transform the incoming voltage up or down. The UK standards mains supply is 220V – 258V, depending on your location. Even this can fluctuate by 10 – 15V.

A variation in the mains supply means will normally increase or decrease your light output. Not with a digital ballast – they transform your voltage up or down, regardless of the supply so that you will always have a consistently high output.

Secondly, electronic/digital ballasts have a higher frequency, which better excites the gases in lamps. Overall,, you’ll get a better light output, more accurate colour rendering and a longer lamp life.

Why Dim or Boost your Light Output?

Plants need different light outputs at different stages of growth. You can dim your lights when you introduce new, delicate plants into your grow tent, then gradually increase the intensity.

During the end of flowering, you can boost your output by 10% to get an extra push and increase your yield.

With an Exolux ballast, you won’t need to swap lamps to do this, just use, dim and boost a 1000W grow lamp. Remember if you do boost your lamp, it’ll shorten your lamp life. Make sure you never, overdrive a Metal Halide lamp.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (6)

Would a 600w Metal Halide work on the 450w setting or only on the 600w
We would only recommend using Metal Halides at their specified wattage, you can use 600W sodium lamps on all settings on this ballast.

Written by Urban | 24 Jun 2013

Can I run a 400w Metal Halide lamp on the 450w setting of the Exolux 600 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast?
We would only recommend using a 600W Metal Halide lamp with this system.

Written by Urban | 23 Jun 2013

How good is the Solaar 600w dual spec bulb and how does it compare to the Sunmaster 600w dual spec???
Both the Solaar & Sunmaster lamps are similar products, & perform well through both vegetative & flowering stages of your grow

Written by SJ | 31 May 2013