Exolux Pro 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast

Exolux Pro 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast
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Push growth - get the best from your 1000W lights with an Exolux Pro 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast.

Colour rendering is really accurate, thanks to the ballasts super high frequency better excites gases in your bulb.

Your ballast can regulate voltage and even transform it up or down. This means you’ll get no power surges and a consistently high light intensity, no matter how many lights you run or if your supply drops.

Wait ‘til you see your yield.

For an even bigger yield, boost your 100W light by 10% to 1100W. You can also dim it to 400W or 660W to safely tweak your output over your crop without ever swapping your bulb (never dim an MH lamp).

You can forget about noise and heat problems – ballasts are quiet and cool to run.

Running costs are super low…you’re looking at a 3 - 4% less energy per ballast than if you used a magnetic one. To prolong the life of your lamps, your ballast uses soft-start technology to lower your start up current.

Each ballast has an incredibly long life and the output doesn’t degrade with age. Just to make sure, you get a 2 year warranty.

• 4 dimmer settings (400W, 660W, 1000W & 1100W output)
• Super lumen (boost) setting – 10% more power
Easy to use - simple dimming switch - plug and play
No heat problems - cool to run + thermal protection
No noise – it’s operates silently - no humming, no buzzing
Prolong the life of lamps – intelligent ignition control
Energy saving (roughly 3 – 4% per ballast!)
• Output doesn’t degrade with age
Long life + 2 year warranty
RF shielded – won’t interfere with your radio frequency
• Durable shell + graduated fin design to prevent heat problems
• Works with any 1000W lamp & IEC connection reflector


The Tech

How does the Exolux Pro Digital Ballast work?

The Exolux Pro is a digital/electronic ballast.

This means that it:

• Is small, compact and light
• Is quiet to run
• Outputs hardly any heat
• Use a lot less power (uses 3 – 4% less energy per ballast)
• Prolongs the life of lamps
• Boost colour rendering

How can digital ballasts do all of this?

Firstly, they can transform the incoming voltage up or down. The UK standards mains supply is 220V – 258V, depending on your location. Even this can fluctuate by 10 – 15V.

A variation in the mains supply means will normally increase or decrease your light output. Not with a digital ballast – they transform your voltage up or down, regardless of the supply so that you will always have a consistently high output.

Secondly, electronic/digital ballasts have a higher frequency, which better excites the gases in lamps. Overall,, you’ll get a better light output, more accurate colour rendering and a longer lamp life.

Why Dim or Boost your Light Output?

Plants need different light outputs at different stages of growth. You can dim your lights when you introduce new, delicate plants into your grow tent, then gradually increase the intensity.

During the end of flowering, you can boost your output by 10% to get an extra push and increase your yield.

With an Exolux ballast, you won’t need to swap lamps to do this, just use, dim and boost a 1000W grow lamp. Remember if you do boost your lamp, it’ll shorten your lamp life. Make sure you never, overdrive a Metal Halide lamp.

How to Use

Setting up

• Remove packaging and place the ballast on a flat, non-flammable surface or mount it to a wall
• Suspend your reflector from the ceiling or roof of your grow tent and screw in your lamp
• Connect the reflector to your reflector to your ballast via the reflector cable
• Before plugging the ballast into the mains, check all connections are secure and the dimmer settings are correct.
• Plug the ballast into your mains supply and switch it on.
• If using a timer, make sure you also use a contactor.

Dimmer Control Recommendations

When adjusting the dimmer settings, make sure you wait at least 10 minutes before adjusting again, or turn your ballast off first. This will prolong your ballast life.

Exolux recommend that you stick to the following guidelines when using your dimmer.

400W: 1 week after cuttings through to week 3 or 4
660W : Throughout the vegetative cycle
1000W: Throughout fruiting/flowering
1100W: For the last push during fruiting/flowering

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

Can these produce the same as a gavita 400v 1000watt? Or because it's a 240v 1000watt ballast instead of 400v 1000watt ballast will it produce any difference in quality or quantity?
The Exolux Pro 1000 Watt Digital Dimmable Ballast is a good choice to run 240V 1000W lamps. The Gavita 400V 1000W systems will give more plant useable light as they use a 400V lamp.

Written by Mike | 6 May 2016

Can thisnbe used with a Philips Greenpower 400v 1000 Watt Lamp?
The Exolux Pro 1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast is only compatible with 240V 1000W lamps such as the Sunmaster, Son-T-Plus, & Metal Halide. You would need to use a Gavita or Dimlux unit in order to run a 400V 1000W Greenpower lamp.

Written by MB | 5 May 2016