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BAY6 Ballasts

BAY6 Ballasts

from £39.95

250 Watt BAY6 Ballast

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400 Watt BAY6 Ballast

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600 Watt BAY6 Ballast

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BAY6 Ballasts epitomise everything that the word "value" has come to represent. The incredibly attractive pricing will no doubt be the first thing to catch your eye, and quite rightly so - since few rival products can compete with these units in this area. Quality internal parts are also a key aspect of BAY6 Ballasts, working safely and effectively to give you 100% reliable control of one 250, 400 or 600 Watt lamp. And that's all without producing any noise too! Quite simply, you're looking at the most cost effective means of running a light!

BAY6 Ballasts are supplied with a 2m mains connection lead that suits any standard IEC connection reflector. Also includes a 1-year warranty as standard.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

Hi there, (this may be a silly question) but can i change the percentage of the wattage being use on the ballast?
The Proxima Ballasts are not dimmable, you would need to use either the Exolux Pro Dimmable Digital Ballast, or the Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballasts.

Written by hamza | 2 May 2014

Hi, will this ballast run both mh and hps bulbs? Also is it a magnetic ballast and how hot does it get? Kind regards
These ballasts will run both Metal Halide & HPS bulbs, you need to use the same rated bulb ie 600W bulb with 600W ballast. The Proxima ballast is magnetic, it will get warm during operation, but not too hot.

Written by PA | 14 Apr 2013

in general can you put a 400w lamp in a 600w (ballast/cool shade) setup. also, which type of ballast does support the phillips greenpower 600w full spectrum lamp......would a 6oow proxima ballast be compatable.
We would stongly recommend only using ballasts & bulbs of the same wattage rating, using mismatched equipment will result in a failure. I would recommend using the Phillips Greenpower in any magnetic 600W ballast, it will work well with the Proxima.

Written by RW | 19 Dec 2012