315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Ballast

315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Ballast

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315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Ballast

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Get the very best out of your 315W Philips CDM Lamps - say hello to the 315W Maxibright Daylight CDM Digital Ballast. It's the one used in the 315 Watt Maxibright CDM Horizon Lighting System.

It’s been specifically designed to enhance the light intensity & spectrum output of 315 Watt Philips CDM Lamps.

When connected, these lamps emit a smooth beam pattern, thanks to your ballast’s excellent frequency control! They’ll also kick out up to 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt! That's crazy for a 315W supplemental lamp. 

To keep running costs low and maximise your lamp’s life, ballasts put a stop to power surges (soft start technology) and emit very little heat.

You get all of this, from a ballast that’s compact, light and silent – just what you need.

No power surges (soft start technology)
Prolong lamp life 
Low energy, to help prevent hot spots and lower running costs
• Incredible frequency control!
Maximises beam pattern & light output of 315 Watt Philips CDM Lamp
Silent to run
Auto reset + short circuit protection
Lightweight, compact & space saving – 230mm x 108mm x 68mm – (L x W x H)

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