DLI Joule-Series 1000W DE 120/240V Fixture

DLI Joule-Series 1000W DE 120/240V Fixture

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DLI Joule-Series 1000W DE 120/240V Fixture

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Push PAR output to the max with a powerful 1000W DLI fixture.

It's all about their reflector. It's designed to reflect all PAR wavelengths to the max (400nm - 700nm). It's been found to be 50% more efficient than generic lights.

Each light comes with an IP65 connection so you can link it to your controller.

The Reflector

This thing's a work of art...well...science, really. 

1. Ultra bright base

Electrochemically brightened aluminium is used as the base material.

2. abrasion resistance

For abrasion resistance, an anodised base coat is added.

3. maximum reflectivity

The whole thing’s coated with a vacuum coated layer of 99.99% pure aluminium. Every light reflection will hit plants directly, or this 99.99% reflective surface.

DLI Reflector diagram DLI Reflector diagram
DLI Reflector DLI Reflector
DLI Reflector top DLI Reflector top


It's not just the reflector that's great...

Dim & Boost Output

Run it at 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W or 1150W.

Ultra Slim

In tight spaces this light will help you leave a safe gap between your plants and canopy.

Chimney Effect

This thing is built like a chimney to vent hot air away from your plants and canopy.

LED Indicator

For status and error diagnostics.

Water resistant power connection

Gore-Tex Plug

Improved Heat Sink

This helps imcrease driver efficiency on the unit.

DLI Key points DLI Key points
DLI 1000w Underneath DLI 1000w Underneath

Exclusive µmol output

Exclusive µmol output Exclusive µmol output

The Science

The Tech
Input Voltage  120V - 240V
Input Voltage Range  ± 10%
Power Rated  1045W
Dimming with Switch  600W – 750W – 825W 1000W – 1150W
Dimming with Controller  600W – 1150W
Frequency  50/60 HZ
Typical Current  4.4A @ 240V/1000W
Maximum Current  10A @ 120V/1150W
Inrush Current  ≤ 40A
Power Factor  ≥ 0,98
Dimensions  571mm X 284mm X 178mm (H)
Weight  7.5Kg

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