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DLI Joule-Series 1000W DE 120/240V Fixture

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DLI Joule-Series 1000W DE 120/240V Fixture


Want greenhouse tech in your grow room? Grab a pioneering 1000W JOULE-Series DLI fixture.

It's redefined the grow light!

  • 99.99% reflective 
  • 2.1μmol per Watt (lots of red wavelengths to bulk buds up in flowering)
  • 1.8m x 1.2m angle
  • Cooling reflector that prolongs lamp life and reflectivity 

To maximise your space, it has a slim profile. This gives plants extra headroom when you fix it to the top of your tent. 

But realistically, you can get fairly close to your canopy! The wide reflector pushes light out - at any height you'll still get a uniform crop. The inbuilt spirit level ensures you always get an even footprint.

Between the reflector and the lamp, maximum PAR light hits plants. No wonder it's proven to be 50% more efficient than generic lights.


4 DLI lights fit perfectly in a BAY6 HC 3.6m x 2.4m tent!


DLI Joule-Series 1000W DEDLI Joule-Series 1000W DE
Ultra Slim (Horizontal Ballast!)Ultra Slim (Horizontal Ballast!)

Ultra Slim (Horizontal Ballast!)

The systems sits flush along the top of your tent. In tight spaces this light will help you leave a safe gap between your lights and canopy.

Dim & Boost Dial With Easy AccessDim & Boost Dial With Easy Access

Dim & Boost Dial With Easy Access

Run it at 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W or 1150W. The dimming button's located at the bottom of the unit for easy access.

Chimney EffectChimney Effect

Chimney Effect

The reflector is built like a chimney! Hot air is vented away from your canopy, lamp and reflector

In-Built Spirit LevelIn-Built Spirit Level

In-Built Spirit Level

To make sure you get a uniform canopy, this thing's got a spirit level. You'll always be able to mount your reflector evenly. 

Improved Heat SinkImproved Heat Sink

Improved Heat Sink

This increases driver efficiency of the unit.

Long Lamp & Reflector LifeLong Lamp & Reflector Life

Long Lamp & Reflector Life

The area around the lamp and reflector is kept cool, to prolong their life.

Control Up To 1,000 LightsControl Up To 1,000 Lights

Control Up To 1,000 Lights

You can control over 1,000 lights in 4 different zones with the plug and play DSM controller (sold separately). 

LED IndicatorLED Indicator

LED Indicator

For status and error diagnostics.


This thing's a masterpiece!

Electrochemically brightened aluminium is used as the base material. For abrasion resistance, an anodised base coat is added. 

The whole thing’s coated with a vacuum coated layer of 99.99% pure aluminium. That's incredible!

  • Cooling, open design
  • Prolongs lamp & reflector life
  • 99.99% reflective
  • Abrasion resistant base coat
  • Add & remove parts! (changes beam angle) - assymetrical insert sold separately

Cooling Open Design

Its open design is naturally cool, which prolongs lamp & reflector life. 

Over time, dirt burns into lots of reflectors. Not with this one, Hot, dirty air is vented away, so you only really get surface dirt. A quick clean with a BrightWipe restores reflectivity. 

Remove & Replace Parts!

To change your beam angle, you can literally replace side panels with an assymetical insert (sold separately). 

If lights are fixed close to tent walls, this directs light away from walls, straight to plants.

Remove & Replace PartsRemove & Replace Parts

2.1μmol Per Watt!

The lamp was designed specifically to push PAR output in grow rooms!

You get 2.1μmol per Watt and lots of red wavelengths - buds really bulk up in flowering with a spectrum like that.

DLI Lamp SpectrumDLI Lamp Spectrum
Photon Flux Maintenance & Average Survival RatePhoton Flux Maintenance & Average Survival Rate

Connect Up To 1,000 Lights

You can connect up to 1,000 DLI fixtures in 4 zones using a DLM controller.

Simply daisy chain lights together with a cable-set. You can connect a temperature probe anywhere in each zone. 

Have one zone per tent, or multiple zones in each tent - the choice is yours.

Each light comes with an IP65 connection (plug & play). 


DLi Controller Set UpDLi Controller Set Up

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