Plug-in Ozone Generator

Plug-in Ozone Generator
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Fight unwanted odours, bacteria & mould with an Ozone Direct, Plug-in Ozone Generator.

It produces ozone for 3 minutes, every 10 minutes. Over an hour, 7mg of ozone is produced. It really freshens the air in your grow room!

A red LED indicator lets you it’s on. A green indicator lets you know ozone is being produced.

It’s easy to use - simply plug it in, switch it on and you’re away.

Plug-in Ozone Generator
• Drastically reduces bad odours
Fights bacteria and mould
Produces ozone for 3 minutes every 10 minutes (7mg per hour)
Simple to use – it’s plug & play
• Red LED indicates power on
• Green light indicates ozone production


The Science

Ozone is a gas that’s made up of 3 oxygen atoms (O3) – that’s one extra oxygen molecule than the O2 we breathe.

This extra molecule makes ozone a strong oxidising agent.

Your Plug-in Ozone Generator produces 7mg of ozone every hour.

Use it to neutralise foul odours, kill bacteria and eliminate mould in your grow room.

How to Use

Place your generator on the opposite side of your grow room to your extraction system.

Make sure that nothing obstructs the generator, and that air can flow in and out of the unit freely.


You should use the ozone generator alongside an air extraction system, not instead of one.

Never inhale air from directly around the generator.

Keep children and animals away from any areas that contain high levels of ozone.

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