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ONA Spray (Pro, Fresh Linen & Apple Crumble)

ONA Spray (Pro, Fresh Linen & Apple Crumble)

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ONA Spray Pro - 250mls

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ONA Spray Fresh Linen - 250mls

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ONA Spray Apple Crumble - 250mls

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Neutralise odours with a fine spray – all you need is Ona Spray.

It doesn’t just mask smells – it permanently removes them using essential oil technology. To freshen your grow room further, it adds the fresh smell of your choice (Apple Crumble, Pro or Fresh Linen). 

Even stubborn smells won’t stand a chance against this stuff.

It’s non-toxic and environmentally safe – you can safely use it in your grow room.

It’s easy to use – just spray.

• Choice of scents - apple crumble, Fresh Linen or Pro
• Sprays as a fine mist
Doesn’t just mask – it neutralises
Permanently removes odours
Non-toxic and environmentally safe
• Clever mix using essential oil technology
• Completely organic

The Science

Ona’s neutralising agent was first initiated over 25 years’ ago, when a scientist found that terpenes (found in essential oils) permanently remove foul odours by absorbing them.

Based on these findings, Ona was born. It uses essential oil technology (organic) to remove foul odours.

It was first developed for industrial use, to neutralise strong odours in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants.

Now, you can use it in your grow room.

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